November 2017

BLOHARDS? The name sounds familiar, but...

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BLOHARDS Opening 2018 Luncheon Scheduled for 2018
The BLOHARDS have announced they will begin their fifty-first year of Red Sox-related luncheons with a gathering that will take place on Thursday, May 10, 2018, at the venerable Yale Club in New York City.

The event will feature the kind of high level of entertainment that has vaulted the BLOHARDS to Top 30 status in the sub-category of "MLB Fan Clubs - Based 216.8 Miles or More from Team's Home Field." Ray Duffy (slideshow), John Quinn (trivia), former governor Chris Wertz (rambling), and WFAN/Sirius broadcaster Ed Randall (comedy, biting analysis, men's health issues) have already confirmed their attendance. And Historian David Margolick will again curate a segment about the game's rich heritage with an author or filmmaker to be named later.

We are also honored to again welcome our favorite among the rotating Fenway PA announcers and the acclaimed poet laureate of the Red Sox and BLOHARDS, Dick Flavin.

Included among those who are "yet to be pinned down" - a player, MANAGER, or executive from the Boston Red Sox, as well as BLOHARDS' official ® crooner John Pizzarelli (May 2018 travel schedule TBD).

Plenty of good tickets priced at $75 are still available. In exchange for this expenditure, purchasers are guaranteed a generic salad, a roll (butter optional), a warm preparation of chicken, a dessert served on premises, and small-ish cup of lukewarm coffee. Also thrown in: non-stop gaiety and merrymaking as described above, as well as the opportunity to both hobnob and consort with your sisters and brothers who also root, root, root for the Olde Towne Team far, far, far from home. Improbably, all of this is scheduled to take place under one roof on one magical afternoon in May.

To purchase tickets online, please visit our website. To make luncheon reservations email Julie Killian, or to pay by check, please remit a bank draft payable in immediately available funds to Julie at 42 Forest Avenue, Rye, NY 10580:

Second BLOHARDS 2018 Gathering - You Make the Call
Due to Yom Kippur and an expected 8:30 p.m. thundershower, the Tuesday, September 18, 2018 Yankees-Red Sox game has been scheduled for early afternoon. To allow our members to attend a rare weekday matinee, there will be no luncheon on 9/18. And since Yom Kippur extends all day on the following day until sundown, there can also be no luncheon on September 19.

Idea - How about our September 2018 event being a (short) road trip to the afternoon game on Tuesday, September 18? We have attempted a few of these in the recent past (Mets in 2015, Papi's last game in the Bronx in 2016, a Porcello shellacking this past season), and they have gone surprisingly well. Almost 500 BLOHARDS and guests have convened, and we can attest that a clear majority of attendees safely and successfully made their way home following the three games.

Email us to express interest in (i) attending the day game between the Yankees and Red Sox on Tuesday, September 18th with the BLOHARDS, and (ii) the possibility of having an overpriced lunch in a charmless Yankee Stadium venue beforehand. Given sufficient demand, we will commence negotiations with our friends at the Yankees Group Sales Office. Of interest to our Jewish membership, each team has pledged to take fewer pitches, minimize pickoff attempts and make only essential pitching changes, which should have Sinatra singing "New York, New York" well in advance of sundown (set for 6:58 p.m. EDT barring divine intervention).

Vicente Romo's Inside Pitch

Buenos Dias amigos! Your ole buddy Vicente Romo is back with more mullings and musings – “El Huevo" style:

" Enough already about Altuve being the best short ballplayer. The guy is a ballplayer. Period…. Blueberries are this reporter's favorite anti-oxidant. Not close…. Johnny Carson still knocking 'em dead every night at 11 p.m. on Antenna TV. No one writes a monologue like Pat McCormick…. The 2017 Red Sox were too much Judy, not enough Punch. That's how Vicente saw it…Kale is in the cabbage family. Who knew? Like finding out that Ray Charles' last name was Robinson…. Girardi's in-game facial expressions all consistent with someone undergoing an anesthesia-free colonoscopy…. Glenn Hoffman's father Ed, an Angels' usher, used to "pinch hit" by singing the national anthem whenever the assigned singer was a late scratch or a no-show…. Vicente's favorite album - Denny McLain in Las Vegas on Capitol Records (1969). That was the year Denny didn't start the All-Star Game due to a morning dental appointment in Detroit…. Would have loved to have seen "The Killer" - Jerry Lee Lewis - do a show like Springsteen's. Now there's a man with stories. And he wouldn't have needed a TelePrompter hanging from the balcony to tell them…. John Farrell won exactly one postseason game in four years after the 2013 World Series. Fifth place (out of five) twice. Couldn't control Price. Mixed bag…. Cold brew vs. regular coffee…. you make the call…. Felix Millan once went 4-for-4. Batting right behind him, Joe Torre hit into four double plays. Considering Joe's foot speed, it could have been five…. Waze is Vicente's favorite app. A fun game is to go 80 mph, also run red lights and stop signs, all to beat the projected arrival time…. Is Wade Boggs still eating chicken all the time? Just wondering…. Nothing funnier than Hall of Famers Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara on CBC's Schitt's Creek. Yes, that's Chris Elliot as the town's mayor…. Mike Francesa out at WFAN at the end of the year. Proof that prayers sometimes get answered….75% of all car accidents occur on left turns. Vicente advises either right turns or going straight ahead…. Mike Connelly doesn't waste a word, never has…. Love that veteran chemistry (and occasional senior moments) between Eddie Randall and former Sox legend Rico Petrocelli on Sirius/XM. A good reason to wake up early on a Saturday, get a jump start in the Buick, and head out to the Interstate…. Did Charles Nelson Reilly ever win an Emmy for Match Game '76? If not, an injustice has been committed…. Great commercials from Geico. Anyone that funny must pay the accident claims…. Saw a walk-off balk this season. Doesn't get more exciting than that…. And this is your old pal Vicente, signing off until next time, amigos.

This Just In: Lockwood to Address May Luncheon

Roslindale native Claude "Skip" Lockwood, who had a late-career stint with Don Zimmer and the 1980 Red Sox, will be joining the BLOHARDS at the May luncheon to regale the group with stories - and he's got 'em - from his March 2018 book, Insight Pitch: My Life as a Major League Closer.

Before the bumpy season with the Sox, Lockwood put up strong numbers for the Mets as a reliever and was the final member of the one-season-and-done Seattle Pilots to be on the roster of that team's successor, the Milwaukee Brewers. Lockwood also has two Master's degrees, including one in finance and economics from MIT's Sloan School.

In honor of Lockwood's colorful career, the BLOHARDS will curate a round (with prizes) of Skip Lockwood trivia, to be presented by John Quinn.

Sox Hire Cora
The Red Sox announced recently that they had hired fourteen-year MLB veteran and 2017 Houston Astros bench coach Alex Cora as the team's new manager, replacing the past-his-sell-by-date John Farrell. A native of Caguas, Puerto Rico, and a veteran of seven different teams, the forty-two-year-old Cora becomes the first Hispanic manager in the team's history. A member of the 2007 World Series champion Red Sox, Alex has not managed at any level since playing his final game for the Washington Nationals in 2011 at the age of 35. (Don't write us about the math; Cora's October 18, 1965, birthday makes the numbers work.)

Since Farrell's departure, three of his coaches have been hired by other teams: Chili Davis (hitting coach) and Brian Butterfield (third-base coach) by the Cubs, and pitching coach Carl Willis by Cleveland.

Hats off to Willis. Even with Price whining far more than he pitched (just 74.2 innings), the Sox finished second in the AL in ERA at 3.70. And Kimbrel, who was struggling mightily to throw strikes late in the 2016 season, was named AL Reliever of the Year for 2017.

This Week on NESN
What with baseball season having ended, Sox broadcaster New England Sports Network has moved to its wintertime lineup. A few of our favorite upcoming programs follow:

PawSoxography: Season 6 premiere - "Good enough to dream about dreaming: The Wilton Veras Story". (60 minutes)

Manny on Mill: In tonight's episode, Manny Ramirez continues his explication of John Stuart Mill's "Principles of Political Economy" by engaging us in a close reading of Section XXIV of Book III: "Of the Regulation of a Convertible Paper Currency". (Two hours and thirty minutes)

The Great Race - Red Sox Edition: Contestants are dropped off in the everglades in nothing but a t-shirt, shorts, and flip flops and challenged to be the first to return to NESN's Watertown studios with one of: (i) Ted Williams' head; (ii) Rick Porcello's Sinker; or (iii) Wonderboy. (60 minutes)

Sox in Six: The first six innings of the Red Sox-Yankees one-game AL East playoff game from October 2, 1978. Includes Carl Yastrzemski's second-inning home run off of Ron Guidry and Jim Rice's sixth-inning single that scored Rick Burleson. Broadcast concludes with the Yankees having a 19% WE (win expectancy). (90 minutes)

Who Wants to be a Millionaire? - Red Sox Edition: In this newly-launched gameshow, a panel of celebrity billionaires is offered the opportunity to bid on the services of such luminaries as Carl Crawford, Pablo Sandoval, Matt Young, Jose Offerman and Rusney Castillo. (60 minutes)

Game of Throws: (Season five, episode five). The "War of the Bean" takes and unexpected turn when Ser Barnes, thinking that he is avenging the honor of Lord Dustin, attacks Machado of Charm City, only to find himself thrown under the Ox Cart by his master. (90 minutes)

The Very Clutchest Moments of David Ortiz: (Season five, episode 31). Owing to time limits, some greatness is necessarily omitted but this episode offers a near-comprehensive accounting of Papi's achievements in Innings 4-6 of Game 3 of the 2013 American League Divisional Series. (Two hours)

Mookie Can! Mookie Betts attempts to bowl a 300 game, devise physics' grand unifying theory, and compose a sonata. Spoiler alert: He does all three. (15 minutes)

The Equipment Truck...
departs Fenway Park 10:00 February 5th. 76 Days and counting. Information on a celebratory lunch at Foley's to follow.