March 2014

We're Back...
Home Opener, April 11, Chapter 11 high on BLOHARDS 2014 agenda
"Bus" Boston Bound on 4/4

BLOHARDS look to extend streak to 10

In nine of the last nine years, BLOHARDS' EVP Transportation Ray Duffy has dispatched a pair of buses chock-a-block full of BLOHARDS to the Fens for the Sox' home opener. In nine of the last nine years, those buses returned victorious. Some may see coincidence. This writer sees destiny.

This year's trip promises to be a special treat, what with the Sox receiving World Series rings for the third time in nine years. In his chat at last year's Trophy party, BLOHARDS' BFF (and Red Sox EVP) Charles Steinberg hinted that the 2015 celebration would have a few surprises, which is nice since, God knows, it's getting a little tedious to have the same celebration all the time.

Pictures and an account of the bus trip will follow in our April newsletter, which can be expected to arrive promptly in June.

Did Somebody Say Cocktails?

We're thinking of having a cocktail party on Thursday night, June 26. The Sox are off that day and play the Yanks in the Bronx the next night. More on this story as it develops.

Field Of Dreams Benefit on June 19th

The Sox will be holding their 17th Annual Field of Dreams softball tournament at Fenway Park on June 19th. The event brings together corporate teams for a daylong tournament to benefit Action for Boston Community Development and the SummerWorks program. ABCD provides low-income teenagers with jobs, education, mentoring and tutoring throughout the summer.

For information or sponsorship opportunities, contact Robert Elias or Amelia Aubourg at (617) 348-6238 or visit

WS Trophy To Remain in Cloud... Along With Our Heads

For those fans who still wish to view or download the photos from the BLOHARDS' World Series Trophy party last November, we are paying to keep them available through October 1, 2014. Taken by star photographer Steven Freeman (NBA, People Magazine, Sports Illustrated), over seven hundred photos of happy BLOHARDS, Sox representatives, and the Trophy itself are currently on the site. Password is "Fenway" with a capital "F".
Yale Club to Host April 11 Lunch

Bradlee Jr., Kid on menu

As described in the formal invitation, we'll be lunching on April 11 before the Sox' three-game tilt with that team up in the Bronx. In addition to the usual hijinx, the agenda features Ben Bradlee Jr. who will talk about, read from, and autograph his acclaimed biography The Kid: The immortal life of Ted Williams. Tickets and copies of the book (discounted to $27 from a list price of $35), can, be conveniently purchased on line or by check directed to:

Julie Powers Killian
42 Forest Ave.
Rye, NY 10580

Vicente Romo's Inside Pitch

Buenos Dias amigos! Your ole buddy Vicente Romo is back with more mullings and musings, "El Huevo" style. Sox to sell Fenway Franks at a new concession stand near Gate C. Sausage King not pleased…..The male gypsy moth can detect the smell of a virgin female gypsy moth from 1.8 miles away. There's a joke about Joba Chamberlain's slider in here somewhere…..Want to feel old? Darryl Strawberry turned 52 this week….. "Underground" is the only word in English language that begins and ends with the letters "und"….. Try Hudson Malone's on E. 53rd just east of Third Ave.…Average price of after-market ticket for what is scheduled to be Jeter's final game at Fenway is in the $500 range. Final game at Yankee Stadium vs. Baltimore slightly higher….It's mid-March, and Ellsbury is not yet injured. Check with us later in the column…..We hear that Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston is tearing it up in the LBJ play…..Add up the numbers from 1-100. Your answer is 5050. We thought so…..Cincinnati Reds pitcher Trevor Bell is the grandson of the great Bob Bell, who was Bozo the Clown on Chicago's WGN from 1960-1984. Trevor has a tattoo on his left arm that pays tribute to his famous relative. It would take three-and-a-half hours to apply Bozo's makeup, which for Bob Bell meant getting out of bed each day at 3:30 a.m….Had scouts in the audience for a play reading of Steinbrenner! (Exclamation point theirs). Word has it that after he got out of the first inning Richard Kind (Spin City, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Mad About You) hit it out of the park as Steinbrenner….K-Rod of Brewers missed his Cactus League debut on Tuesday when he stepped on a cactus. Can't make that up. Last spring the team's GM was bitten by a scorpion…..Vicente invited to Rao's earlier this week. Rao's Trivia - the song a female guest was singing when she was heckled and the heckler subsequently shot dead? "Don't Rain on My Parade" from "Funny Girl."….."Bronx Bombers," a play that featured an imaginary dinner gathering of some of the team's biggest stars, posted a closing notice. The play opened on February 6th to so-so reviews ( Variety - "'Bronx Bombers' Bombs on Broadway") and closed on March 2nd…..

'Til next time, Adios amigos!

Dues Desperately Due

The word "urgent" falls woefully, woefully short, of describing cruciality (real word - look it up) of all active and prospective BLOHARDs immediately remitting their dues payments. At the risk of sowing panic amongst the membership, candor requires the disclosure that on occasion your executive committee has been required to refresh itself with domestic "champagne" at recent meetings, and that committee members were required to tip caddies out of their own pockets at the recently concluded BLOHARD Pro-Am at the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort in Ft. Myers. Things can not continue on this course.

No, really - dues go to run the BLOHARDS, as well as subsidize costs of the luncheons and other special events. We'd be grateful for your support. $20 for the year, $150 lifetime for that small fraction of the membership with a life expectancy of eight or more years. Do it online, or by mailing Julie a check at the same address to which you're sending your lunch payment.

The Pizz Watch

John Pizzarelli, official crooner of the BLOHARDS, has a couple of upcoming NYC gigs. From March 18-29 he will be performing at the Café Carlyle with guest star Daniel Jobim in a show entitled "Strictly Bossa Nova". Be sure to ask the matre d' for the BLOHARDS discount. Then be really sure to duck.

For those who wish to see Pizz in an unparalleled concert setting, he and the Quartet be appearing at the Appel Room (formerly known as the Allen Room) at Jazz at Lincoln Center on May 30-31 at 7:00 and 9:30. Special guest is singer Jane Monheit. While tickets are going fast, the good news is that seats in the upper deck are fine and provide the best views of Central Park.

Fit To Be Tied
Incredible Tie Bargain Goes Unclaimed

As described in our previous newsletter, the Union League Club having a strict no-tie no-celebrating-your-team's-third-world-championship-in-the-last-decade policy, Joe Cosgriff, BLOHARDS' Interim VP for Protocol, undertook to provide emergency neckwear for those BLOHARDS not making the sartorial grade at our November trophy party. At evening's end, forty-nine of the ties having gone unneeded, Cosgriff moved to dispose of them, only to be dissuaded by your correspondent who took custody of them and reoffered them on eBay where, incredibly, they went unsold.

Undissuaded, we propose a tie grab bag for our April lunch. This wiill consist of the opportunity to purchase, for a mere $5, your favorite of three ties drawn at random from a "kitchen-sized" GLAD garbage bag. All proceeds to the Jimmy Fund. Exact change greatly appreciated.

Pending Opening Day...

How 'bout a crossword to work by the hot stove?

Our old buddy Alice Connorton sent us not one, but two Sox-themed crossword puzzles. Enjoy!