April 2013

We ♥ Boston
Meanwhile, Back In Our (gosh-darned) City...

As Sox fans and Bostonians by affiliation (if not by birth) we were heartbroken to watch the images and read about the horrific events of April 15th. Our thoughts and prayers go to the victims of that day's senseless violence, as well as of crimes against police officers later in the week.

We also mourn the innocent traditions of Patriots' Day. Shouting encouragement to Marathon runners; attending a Red Sox game played in the morning shadows; bidding a fond welcome to warmer days and shorter nights; reveling in a day off from work and school - Who could ask for anything more? These traditions will endure, but starting next year they will be joined with a new one; honoring the dead, cheering the survivors, and remembering the carnage.

Count us in to be up in Boston on April 21, 2014, for a Patriots Day different from every one before it.

Thom's/Meetup to Host Boston Benefit

April 26 Event Features Open Bar, Appetizers

All Proceeds to Charity

The New York City Red Sox Meetup Group (think BLOHARDS with an average age below sixty) is organizing a benefit at Professor Thom's this Friday to watch the Sox pummel the 'Stros and raise money for The One Fund Boston. It sounds like a sweet deal for a great cause. More here.


The principal controversy regarding the first BLOHARDS' luncheon of the year, to be held at the Yale Club on May 31st, is whether it is more likely to be a "humdinger" or a "lollapalooza". Text your vote to 53857.

We have recruited a lineup (subject to change) that will be the envy of fan clubs of everywhere. Radio voice Dave O'Brien, closer emeritus Dr. Charles Steinberg, WFAN's Ed Randall (free prostate exams upon request), BLOHARDS' official crooner and recent author John Pizzarelli (with new lyrics to "My Hip" for A-Rod), Ray Duffy with the Henry Berry slideshow, John Quinn (loaned to us by The Mad Hatter) with trivia, and Governor Chris Wertz, attending his first luncheon since turning 40 at the Bleacher Bar. And finally, as always…a player to be named later.

Insider insights, professional music, a head-first slideshow, lame attempts at humor…and a cash bar. And this just in - tickets are going fast!

Tickets, a stupendous value at $75 each*, may be purchased on the BLOHARDS' website or by contacting Julie Powers Kilian at 42 Forest Ave., Rye, NY 10580 or jbpkillian@gmail.com.

* Don't forget to ask about our "Buy 20 get one free" promotion.

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More Opening Day Brilliance by BLOHARDS

Club Guides Team to Ninth Consecutive Home Openah Win

Assembled in Westport
Continuing an Opening Day tradition passed down by the early settlers of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, April 8th saw well over a hundred bleary-eyed BLOHARDS board buses after breakfast, bound for the brilliance of Boston's Beloved Ballpark. And the Sox did not let down their New York-area fans, beating the annoyingly competitive Orioles by a count of 3-1 behind the solid pitching of Clay Buchholz and a timely three-run HR by Daniel Nava in the seventh inning.

Pre-game festivities
With the Sox coming off a 93-loss season, management (led by Dr. Charles) took the low-key and dignified route in the pregame festivities, given that there were no highlights to show, plays to immortalize, rings to distribute, or banners to raise. But the glorious weather and the strains of the Fenway Park organ reminded us that it was a new season in the best baseball setting on Earth. Don Orsillo emphasized this too, announcing that the Sox had "an all-new coaching staff" (an applause line!). As they players were then introduced by Orsillo on the field, one couldn't help but think, "Hey, this isn't such a bad team." And having the Jimmy Fund Chorus, made up entirely of cancer survivors, sing the National Anthem was a nice touch. (It's the Jimmy Fund's 60th year as a Sox charity.)

The Powers family was represented by both Molly Powers Kellogg, and her son, Birch, who reported that he would remember this day for the rest of his life. No word if the "memorable" part involved setting foot inside his bus's overwhelmed restroom two-thirds of the way into the return trip.

Post-game jubilation
Thanks are due to Ray Duffy, BLOHARDS' Executive Vice President of Transportation, for making all the arrangements, hiring the buses, coordinating the ballpark seating, and handling a few bumpy issues with his usual efficiency. Also, a shout-out to the Sox for the game tickets, which allows our group to continue our long tradition of Opening Day bus trips.

With the Sox coming into the game with an eight-game winning streak in home openers, BLOHARDS joked that even if they were not able to witness a victory, they'd at least get to see a Victorino. Thanks to Nava's HR, they got to see both.

Our Own One-Tool Wondah

Baseball Prospectus's Take on Pedroia

So, Baseball Prospectus wrote an article on the greatest one-tool players in history and they included Dustin Pedroia. We're pretty sure this stuff is copyrighted, but we're also pretty sure there's a necessity defense in the case of content-starved fan affinity groups with a newsletter to get out, so, verbatim, here's their take:

2. Dustin Pedroia: Awesomeness

Some of you may think Dustin Pedroia is a five-tool player, or maybe a four-and-a-half-tool player. It’s true: He can hit, hit for power, field, run, and throw. Ish. After all, he is a second baseman. But the truth is that, in Pedroia’s case, all of those skills fall under the umbrella of his true one overall skill: awesomeness. When Dustin Pedroia does stuff, it’s awesome. When he dives into the dirt to get a grounder up the middle and throws out the runner, it’s awesome. When he hits a line drive off the Monster, it’s awesome. Clutch RBI? Awesome. Base hits up the middle? Awesome. Homers out onto Lansdowne Street? The occasional steal of second or, dare he, third? Crazy stories making fun of teammates or, his favorite target, former manager Terry Francona? Awesome, awesome, and awesome.

I won’t deny the fact that Pedroia looks like an infant with a beard in the middle of a bunch of pro athletes plays a role in his awesome. So, he’s awesome and his awesome is awesome. But don’t take my word for it. Here, have a few concrete examples with your bowl of awesome flakes:

He's Baaaaack...

The Return of Vicente Romo: Channeling 20 Years of Larry King's USA Today Column

Buenos Dias amigos! Your ole buddy Vicente Romo is back with more mullings and musings, "El Huevo" style... Good starting pitching almost as valuable as good marriage. Good starting pitching AND good bullpen = October baseball…Frank Sinatra would not like the Paul Anka book…I took May 3rd in the "Reyes-to-the-DL" pool. Too optimistic…Dick Flavin sounded great behind the PA mic on Opening Day…If you can't sleep, count sheep, not endangered animals. You will run out…Call me crazy, but to my eye, Stephen Colbert seems like a Democrat who plays the part a Republican on TV... Derek Jeter out until July. Won't need rehab time to get his range back. Statistically in 2012, he covered about the same amount of ground as C.C. Sabathia's bathrobe…Bobby Valentine keeps getting hired. Lesson - unemployment rate would be 0% if more people learned Japanese, had IQ of 155, and spoke at length without thinking…My grandkid kept praying for a bike but never got one. I told him that's not the way the Big Guy works. Told him to steal one and ask for forgiveness…Francona book unique in that anything actually said by the primary author appears in quotes. Anyone he could imagine working for (players, GM's, announcers, Theo) gets the kid gloves. Gloves come off for Sox owners, Manny, and anyone who dares to mention TV ratings…Steven Wright is - right... Forget about the dopey flotation devices; how about a parachute under the seat?...You get sense that Sox fans aren't wasting a ton of prayers on Joel Hanrahan's strained hamstring…The great Mitch Hedberg was on to something - rice is a great food when you're hungry and want 2,000 of something…Say what you want about the 2012 Sox - they never cheated their fans. You always got to see the bottom of the ninth inning at Fenway…Frank Bank, the actor who played Lumpy Rutherford on Leave It to Beaver, received a New York Times obit. Guarantees one for Jerry Mathers and Tony Dow…As an Indians' player once said: "The best thing about playing for the Indians is not having to make road trips to Cleveland."…If a deaf person has to go to court, is it still called a "hearing"? I was wondering...Eduardo Nunez will be fine as the Yankees' shortstop - as long as his chest holds out…Orioles' broadcaster and Hall of Fame pitcher Jim Palmer told me that he never called then-Sox manager Darrell Johnson an "idiot" for not selecting him for the 1976 All-Star team. "Someone else suggested it, and I just agreed." Makes sense…How come we get only two choices for President but fifty-two for Miss America? Just asking…

As my final manager, Tommy Lasorda, said to me in 1982 - "I don't know how we're going to get along without you…but tomorrow I'll find out."

Hasta la próxima vez.


(Pedroia Continued from previous column...)

1. When the Red Sox won the World Series in 2007, Pedroia went down to a local watering hole, hopped over the bar, and started serving drinks. It looked like this:

It was awesome.

2. When Pedroia was defending his teammate, David Ortiz, who was having a rough go of it for a while, he said this:

“It happens to everybody, man. He’s had 60 at-bats. A couple of years ago, I had 60 at-bats, and I was hitting .170, and everyone was ready to kill me, too. And what happened? Laser show. So, relax.”

Predictably, awesome.

There’s something to be said for a guy who can use “Laser show” as its own sentence while referring to his own hitting to a room full of reporters and all without breaking a smile.

3. Pedroia was stopped at the players' entrance at Coors Field in Denver during the 2007 World Series. The security guard didn't believe Pedroia was a player and told him to get lost. Pedroia showed the guard his players' ID card, but the guard said it was faked.

Francona tells the story, "He says, 'You don't know who I am? You don't know who I am?' " Francona says. " 'Ask Jeff f———- Francis who the f—- I am. I'm the guy who hit a bomb and just ended their f———- season."