May 2012

Next Stop: Mediocrity
Opening Day Awesome

The Sox' home opener was what - like five weeks ago? And this correspondent's age-adled memory isn't great under the best of circumstances (which beer-infused bus trips definitely are not), so recollections are a little hazy over here. Things that seem likely to have happened include:

o Almost everybody arriving on time for the buses' departure from Westport;
o During boarding, the always-affable Ray Duffy having reproved no more than half a dozen attendees, each of whom had it coming;
o The Gods having been propitiated by a suitably performed "East Hartford Turn-off Ceremony";
o There having been an awful lot of people in the streets around Fenway pre-game;
o There having been some patriotic stuff in Fenway pre-game;
o There having been a series of runs scored during the game, the majority of them by the home team;
o This having occasioned gladness among the assembled throng;
o Duffy gently chiding another half dozen of his wandering flock, all of whom deserved worse;
o The return trip having featured some of the aforementioned beer.

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Margolick Hits It Out of the Pahk

Undistractable scribe spins gold in depths of Fan Cave.

You no doubt saw and were dazzled by David Margolick's essay on Fenway and the Sox in the Newspaper of Record the day after the 100th anniversary celebration. Well, set your dazzlement level up a couple of notches, since the essay was, in large part, composed during the hoopla of the Fan Cave event. The only discernable concession Margolick seems to have made to the distractions which surrounded him is the the inexplicable omission of the name of BLOHARD EVP - Transportation, Ray Duffy, from the otherwise flawless essay.
Sox surge, BLOHARDS plunge, towards "not so bad".

Middlebrooks, Nava, Dubront, Pedy, Winning Streak Make Sox Watchable,

Meanwhile, BLOHARDS Mired In Lunch Paralysis; Untimeliness Of Unfunny Newsletter Unlamented

The Red Sox and their principal New York-based support group appear headed for a dramatic collision in coming days. With the Sox -heretofore seen as candidates for relegation to the International League- suddenly playing good ball, the team appears slated for near-term ordinariness. Simultaneously, the BLOHARDS -whose recent fortunes crested with a Larry Lucchino-attended lunch in September- are in free fall.

Faced with an unfavorable schedule, the BLOHARDs have yet to schedule a 2012 luncheon, cocktail party, brunch or conference callduring the pre-October portion of the baseball season. Communications from the organization to its membership have been, to be kind, erratic in both timing and content. Recent audits have classified some 3% of BLOHARD merchandise inventories as "slow moving" with the balance deemed "petrified", and Joe Cosgriff, BLOHARD VP of Legislative Affairs, has been placed on suicide watch after expending ninety-six sleepless hours in a futile attempt to wring one final laugh out of CC Sabbathia's girth.

Based on the two entities' recent trajectories, experts predict a "conjunction event" around 12:30 PM on Monday May 20, after which...
See "So-so here we go" p. 7

Interwebs? Sure, we got a million of 'em.

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Fan Cave Fabulous (Except For That Part About The Game)

Goody bags? Really?

So, MLB and the Sox invited, like, fifty BLOHARDS to a Fan Cave event where we got to watch the Sox play the Yanks on the occasion of Fenway's hundredth anniversary, which was pretty nice. Then they gave us unlimited food and non-alcoholic drink which was also not bad. Then they had none-too-difficult trivia questions with fabulous prizes. This correspondent won a $295 retail-value Tommy Bahama 100% silk limited-edition commomerative shirt which fit like a glove just for knowing the Sox pitcher who was the MVP of the 1999 All Star Game. Then, on departure, they gave us goody bags which included Fenway dirt, a t-shirt, a hat, and a pair of standing room tix for games at Fenway this summer. Not too shabby. The catch? We had to watch the Yanks eke out a 6-2 nail biter against the Sox. Ah well, you can't have everything.

The Pizz Watch

BLOHARDS' Ass't VP of Latin American Scouting (ex Venezuela and Eastern Honduras), Joe Cosgriff, collaborated with Lifetime BLOHARD John Pizzarelli on recently-completed book, due out in October, about Pizz's family's legacy and his own career, which just included playing at the Grammys with Paul McCartney. And Pizz's well-received new record, DOUBLE EXPOSURE (currently Amazon's #4 Jazz CD) was released this week.

More on this story as it develops.

Help a fellow BLOHARD out?
BLOHARDs Paul Mulkerrin and Saul Rosen both got a pair of standing room tickets to the July 31 game against the Tigers and are looking to parlay them into a quartet. Paul would like to get four to any of the games for which tickets were passed out and seems ready to pay. Saul is looking for the 31st and, it sounds like, is hoping for the kindness of strangers. If you can help 'em out, why not send an email (by clicking on their names above)?