September 2011

Yankee Juggernaut Bears Down on Puny Sox
Bill Lee Give Props to BLOHARDS

In a recent WEEI interview Bill Lee had some disparaging things to say about your typical New Yorker, but then carved out an exception. You can hear what he had to say here. Start listening at 13:30 (about halfway through).

Wanna Give Props to Bill Lee?

Brett Rapkin who produced the well-regarded documentary SPACEMAN: A Baseball Odyssey is at it again, this time trying to make a movie about Bill's travels and adventures following his release from the Montreal Expos. Brett recently concluded a successful first phase fundraising drive which included premiums such as the opportunity to go to "Space Camp" with Bill or attend a game with him. You can learn more and maybe get in on some after-the-fact goodie purchasing here.
All Hope Seen Lost

Baseball fans across New England were battening down hatches and bracing for calamity last night as the Bronx Bombers barreled northward towards an expected Tuesday night touchdown in Boston. Faced with a projected three-night storm, normally taciturn natives were seen hopelessly rending garments and gnashing teeth throughout the region.

A candid appraisal offers little room for optimism. At the leading edge of the Yankee onslaught is the team's ace, CC Sabathia, who has lost a mere four games to the Sox thus far in 2011 and sports a miniscule 7.20 ERA against the Bostonians. He'll be followed to the hill by Phil Hughes whose body of work features a 6.46 ERA, and a most-recent start against the Oakland A's in which he scattered six runs over 2 2/3 innings. Thursday night the already demoralized Sox are expected to face A.J. "He Who Must Not Be Named" Burnett who pitched an adequate game as recently as May of last year.

Matched against this tsunami of talent, the Sox' defenses, consisting as they do of three guys named Lackey, Beckett and Lester, seem certain to crumble. Considering also that the Bombers will likely feature Eric Chavez at third base… ( See "Grim Forecast" p. 7)

Meat, potatoes, merriment on menu for 9/23

The Red Sox come to town for a three game tilt against the Bronxies on Friday September 23, and that means they'll be joining us for lunch at noon that day at the Yale Club. The program will feature the always hilarious Ray Duffy-narrated slide show; some genial MCing by Joe Cosgriff (Hint: expect to see some japery at CC Sabathia's expense); and the appearance of a genuine Red Sox player. Rosters having expanded by that time, the identification of said player promises to be a challenge for even the most devoted follower of the Sox farm system.

More likely than not, the event will also feature the usual cavalcade of trivia contests, guest speakers, Pizzarelli-led sing-alongs and uproarious audio-visual malfunctions.

Tickets being strictly required for admission, you'll be wanting to get yours today.


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