April 2011

Opening Day, Lunch, T-Shirts, More...
Opening Day

On April 8, for something like the one-gazillionth consecutive time, a doughty band of BLOHARDs was treated to a home-opening victory made all the sweeter by its occurring against the hated Yankees. Following a pre-game photo, the buses departed promptly at 9:30AM from Westport CT, with the ridership for the most part observing the time-honored tradition that alcoholic beverages be consumed prior to arrival at Bridgeport only in cases of strict necessity. Some of the early imbibers, having drifted off, missed the Henry-Berry-commemorating-East-Hartford-Turnoff-Ceremony, which was their loss.

Upon arrival in Boston, some members of the party went to greet "Tall Boy", about whom more below, while others purchased souvenirs, dined or basked in the Fenway ambiance.

Having endured much worse, the assemblage was undaunted by the Sox' 0-6 start, and its confidence was rewarded with a thoroughly satisfying battering of Yankee wunderkind Phil Hughes' 89 mph "fast" balls, and an eventual 9-6 win.

Notwithstanding the near-abandonment of two tardy BLOHARDs with a prior history of unpunctuality, the Connecticut-bound buses held a full complement of very happy Red Sox fans. Newly commissioned "Next Year" t-shirts, about which more to the right, sold briskly on the return trip.

Pictures here and here .

Jeet Through the Years

Derek Jeter having recently signed a new 4-year, $56 million contract, we thought we'd afford you a brief preview of his fielding future, as called by John Sterling:

2011:"Ground ball, past a diving Jeter..."
2012:"Ground ball, past a lunging Jeter..."
2013:"Ground ball, past a tottering Jeter..."
2014:"Ground ball to Jeter... Base hit!"

From the Archives...
Can anybody ID any of the BLOHARDS in this picture which dates, we're guessing, to the early sixties?
Lunch is in less than two weeks and you still don't have a ticket? Whaddya, crazy?

We could have sworn we mentioned the upcoming BLOHARDS lunch in previous communications, but judging by the pace of ticket sales, we must have forgotten. Our bad.

Now that we've taken care of that omission, you'll be wanting to get yout tickets now, or, better yet, sooner. Engraved invitation, for those who were waiting for it, is here. Purchase tickets here.

BLOHARDS, TallBoy Meet, Greet, Negotiate Multi-Year Licensing Pact

Prior to the Sox home opener, about which more above, a delegation of BLOHARDS hied themselves to the parking lot of Back Bay's storied "Tasty Burger" (TM) restaurant to meet with Narragansett Beer(TM)'s mascot, the always-cheerful "TallBoy" (TM, ©). Considerable progress was made on the implementation of a multi-year sponsorship arrangement whereby Narragansett (TM) would become the Official Non-Superpremium American Lager Beer of the BLOHARDS. Negotiations for a similar pact with Tasty Burger (TM) were hampered by the non-appearance of that firm's mascot who apparently overslept.

Practically the entire BLOHARD "braintrust" can be seen conducting negotiations here.

So, Maybe We Could, Uh, Pay You To Be Our Friend?
BLOHARD VP for Networking Joe Cosgriff writes: "As an incentive to 'like' or 'friend' us on the occasionally cogent BLOHARDS' Facebook page, we will be giving away pairs of tickets to upcoming Fenway games (as opposed to Patriots Day 2010 vs. Tampa) to randomly selected likers and friends. We'll begin drawing names on June 1st in order to give our members time to buy computers.

Also, follow us on Twitter @BLOHARDS8."

Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result

Undaunted by non-existent sales for previously introduced BLOHARD-branded baseball jerseys and hats, we've gone back to the well for an all-new t-shirt.

Click for larger view
In white letters on navy blue, the shirt depicts the intertwined NY logo as the first letters in the phrase "Next Year". If you've ever felt that New York is a city filled with eight million anonymous, uncaring strangers, this "ice breaker" is just the shirt for you! Put it on and we pretty much guarantee that your life will become a richly-woven tapestry of simulating conversations and lively new acquaintances.

As always, any "profit" -which we understand to be the theoretical condition occuring when sales exceed costs- will be donated to the Jimmy Fund. Get yours on-line for twenty bucks, postage paid, or for $15 at lunch, about which more at left.

A Profession of Faith

There's a funny bit from the National Republic entitled "Extra Nationem Nulla Salus" ("Outside the Nation there is no salvation") in which the writer describes the moral quandary he's faced with by his sponsorship of a convert to Catholicism who hews to a decidedly heretical affinity for the Yankees.

Read it here.