Benevolent and Loyal Order of Honorable Ancient Red Sox Die Hard Sufferers of New York  since 1965

Alias: walterbriggs
Date Joined: Feb 18, 2011

I have the great honor of being Henry T. Berry's son-in-law. Truth told, I grew up as a Yankees fan in the 60's, got disgusted with baseball altogether when Steinbrenner came in (and it probably didn't help that the team sucked back then) and came back to the game when I met my future wife. Our first date was at a Sox-Yankees game in the Bronx. (Wendy neglected to tell me that her Dad and brother Hal would be sitting next to us!) And in 1984 I got on the bus for my first trip to Fenway. Marrying his daughter, there wasn't much question that I would

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