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Native New Yorker; spent some 30 years all over New England. Fell for the Sox in the mid-60's while attending BU. Currently in New Jersey as part of the Coporate Witness Protection Program. Even though Yogi Berra is a family friend, when Steinbrenner fired him I lost all respect for the Yankees. Although Yogi forgave him, I -- in the true spirt of a New Englander -- have not and will not.

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November 22, 2010 - 11:16 am

» Red Sox Nation in Greece

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A month or so back, on an incredible vacation to Greece, we were walking down some of the back-street shopping alleys on the island of Santorini, and -- of course -- I was wearing my Sox hat when we ran into another person -- from California -- with his Sox hat on, then two more Sox Fans (actually from New York but now living in Boston). Small Nation.

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