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July 9, 2012 - 10:31 am

Great Fenway Park Writers Series

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The BLOHARDS will, in fact, convene before October. On Thursday July 26th, the day before the Sox start a three-day tilt with the bastids, we'll be collaborating with the team and the Great Fenway Park Writers Series to present a lunch at the Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church which is located -get this- on Madison Avenue between 73rd and 74th.  The program will include the latest iteration of the Henry Berry Memorial Slide Show and a panel discussion focused on Fenway Park's first century.  The $100 cost of admission includes a free copy of FENWAY PARK: 100 YEARS - The Official, Definitive History of America’s Most Beloved Ballpark, itself a $75 value coffee-table volume, which the New York Times described as "truly special".

While the composition of the panel is somewhat inchoate as yet, past Great Writers events have included, among other luminaries, Larry Lucchino, Rico Petrocelli, Peter Gammons, Joe Castiglione, Steve Buckley , Gordon Edes, Tony Massarotti  and Jackie MacMullan.  Be assured that the relevant authorities at the Great Writers are toiling ceaselessly assemble a crack team for our edification and entertainment.

We have scarcely more than two weeks until the event, so the time to purchase tickets is now.  This may be done online, or by sending a check to:

Peter Collery
C/o SC Fundamental LLC
747 Third Ave. - 27th floor
New York, NY 10017

We'll be back to the Yale Club, and your usual programming, for the final series of the regular season in October.  Stand by for details on that.

In other news:

Our old buddy Kevin O'Connell went to Bill Lee's inaugural Space Camp last October and evidently had a pretty good time.  The camp was intended to raise money for a movie about Bill which is proceeding apace.  If you want to help out, and get some swag too, you can learn more here.

Meanwhile, our new buddy James Devitt, has sent along a couple of links (hither and yon) showing how fear and loathing make Yankee fans lose whatever limited capacity for geography they may have had in the first instance.

Our medium-tenured buddy Herbert W. Griffin found this little recapitulation of the '86 fiasco.  We're of the hope that enough time has passed, and enough good things occurred during the passage, that the membership will find it amusing.  This can not be guaranteed.

Finally, two gems from the invaluable Baseball Prospectus.  The first, is as fine an example of parenting as you're ever likely to see, while the second, in the briefest of times, says everything that has to be said about Yankee fans.  Do not miss the biographies of the fans.  Do be prepared for profanity.  What else would you expect?


« April 2012 Newsletter

BLOHARDS? I recognize the name, but I can't place the face... »

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