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April 1, 2006 - 4:56 pm

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Lunch Set for May 9th
Our Cups Runneth Over

"Sox Friendly" Bars Abound in Ambiance, Intrigue

Who'da Thunk It? Bostonians Prone to Drink?

(New York, April 10) In a textbook example of supply expanding to satisfy voracious demand, any number of Gotham watering holes have styled themselves as “sox friendly” taverns where a right-thinking fan can hoist a beer and watch his or her favorite team without having to worry about some beetle-browed mesomorph on the next stool belligerently insisting that Boston really does suck.

But, of course, it wouldn’t be Boston if the intrigue didn’t run as thick and bitter as a well-drawn Guinness. Downtown, two, or maybe three, establishments vie for the affections of Sox fans amid bitter insinuations of treachery and secret pro-Yankee sympathies. Meanwhile, midtown supposedly boasts two separate Hubophilic establishments at the exact same address. We find the whole thing mind-numbingly confusing. Perhaps an enterprising BLOHARD would like to conduct a little fieldwork and sort it all out?

Read more in the “Lifelines” section of our website.

Sox/Yanks Tix Intermittently Available

Writing at about 11:00PM on Friday night March 24, the enterprising Tim Darcy reports: "FYI let NYC sox fans that if you go on Yankees website at random hours, you can purchase good seats for sox/yanks for 2006...I just got lower level seat for 4 games." Tim reports that the Yanks evidently release tickets sparingly and at unpredictable times.

BLOHARDS Mull Elite Membership Category

"Platinum" members would receive cards in same year as dues paid

Okay, so we've been a tad slow in getting the membership cards out. If you don't mind, we've been a little busy, not to mention the whole bumper sticker thing, which we're not even going to mention. Here's the current plan; members attending our lunch May 9th will receive their cards then. Others will be mailed out immediately thereafter. Everybody should be taken care of by mid-May. If you have to have it before then, drop us an email.
Comcast, MLB Knuckle Under to BLOHARD Arrowitz

Steely Determination Benefits Fairfield Fans

(Ridgefield CT, April 7) Faced with the combined might of Major League Baseball and the Comcast Corporation, most people would probably just roll over. But then faced with 85 years of futility, most baseball fans would probably abandon their teams. Sox fans, of course, are made of sterner stuff. So it comes as no surprise that when the gargantuan cable provider told BLOHARD Linda Arrowitz "No sox for you", she didn't take it lying down.

Instead, with the stalwart support of Sox EVP Charles Steinberg, and co-owner Larry Lucchino, Arrowitz has waged an unflagging campaign for freedom of team affinity. At press time her adversaries are in full retreat, now describing as a remediable "mistake" what had earlier been characterized as an immutable "blackout restriction". As a result, northern Fairfield subscribers to MLB's "extra innings" package stand to enjoy prolific sox lives in 2006. Kudos to Linda!

BLOHARDS Barrel Into 20th Century!

Acceptance of credit cards; Women on bus; Internet site render group merely archaic

Next up: a ditto machine

(New York, April 15)Following an exhaustive internal review by its Protocol and Policies Committee, the BLOHARDS have publicized a series of dramatic modernizations of the organization. The changes were proclaimed in telegrams which were dispatched today to...
See "CHANGE AFOOT", p. 7

Killian Headlines Crain's Article

(New York, April 3)
The just published edition of Crain's New York features an article by entitled "Rooting for Boston" by Aaron Elstein. The article features BLOHARDS Meryl Pearlstein, John Brian Quinn and Julia Powers Killian, daughter of BLOHARD co-founder Jim Powers. Also, clues as to the Riveria/Phebe's/Professor Thom's kerfuffle (see column 1) are provided. Text of the article is here, although we could still use a pdf if you've got one lying around.
Thrashing of Yanks to Follow

Membership Seen Rallying in Wake of Powers' Demise

(New York, April 13) The BLOHARDs today confirmed that their fortieth (or so) consecutive spring lunch will be held May 9th at midtown's historic Yale Club. As is traditional, lunch will likely feature both meat and potatoes, and, at no additional charge, may include a berry tart of some description.

The program, which is being choreographed by BLOHARD VP for Homeland Security Joe Cosgriff is expected to incorporate appearances by no fewer than seven hall-of-famers, the present team's entire starting lineup against left-handed pitching, and the long-thought-to-be-dead "Golden Greek", Harry Agganis. Prime tickets to upcoming Sox-Yanks games will rain from the skies like, well... rain, and one lucky attendee will win the door prize of an actual major league baseball franchise, drawn by Commissioner Bud Selig.

At the ridiculously low price of $75, tickets are sure to go fast, so you'll want to get yours today. Details here.

FOX Sports Infiltrated

During World War II, heroic French radio operators bolstered the resistance with their daring broadcasts. Today, they appear to have a successor at the cable network FSN New York. Without regard to personal safety, an unnamed programmer has taken to airing a show entitled "Boston Sports Report" generally in the weekday 10:00PM slot. As yet, his, or her, dimwitted superiors have failed in all attempts to root out the infiltrator, or jam the daring broadcasts.

...but funny
Damon-themed t-shirt reportedly sighted at spring training:

"Looks like Jesus;
Acts like Judas;
Throws like Mary."

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