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May 1, 2006 - 5:56 pm

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Opening Day!
Beckett Romps,

Duffy Reports No Fatalities; MIA Level "Acceptable"

(Boston, April 11) The thirty ninth consecutive pilgrimage of BLOHARDs, friends and associates to Fenway Park for the Red Sox home opener kicked off today with the precisely coordinated departure of two luxuriously appointed motor coaches from the Westport train station. The Gods having been suitably propitiated by the observance of the East Hartford turnoff ceremony and the memorialization of Jim Powers on the ride up, the Sox enjoyed their predestined victory with a minimum of fuss. The return trip was characterized by an air of quiet fellowship and confidence about the team's prospects. Pictures here.

Mid-Season Bus Trip Set for June 29.
Lottery for spots seen

Ray Duffy evidently didn't get enough agita organizing the opening-day bus trip, because he's back for more. The BLOHARDS have secured a block of tickets for a game at Fenway against the Mets Thursday night June 29th. We'll be running a single bus from Westport to Fenway and back.

If you're interested in going, get more details here.

Bresciani Exalted Even Further!
Already known within the BLOHARDS by the honorific "Our Hero", Dick Bresciani, the Red Sox Vice President/Publications and Archives, recently received news of another honor. He's going into the Red Sox Hall of Fame. Details here.

Save the Date!

Next Lunch Planned for September 15
It's looking like we're going to try for another shindig on Friday September 15th. Featuring a return of the Henry Berry Slide Show, it promises to be a can't-miss experience. Anticipation should be running high for the weekend series with the Yanks inasmuch as Randy Johnson will, according to projections, be working on his record-setting 23rd consecutive "non-quality" start, and Hideki Matsui may be commencing rehab. Details to follow.
Mementos From a Triumph
Ten things thought, said or overheard during the Sox' 14-3 drubbing of the Evil Empire 5/9/06

10. "Are you sure we didn't sign Bernie, Damon and Arod?" Said late in the game after the three formerly coveted players combine to to go 0 for 9, strike out five times, hit into a double play, and make two errors.

9. "John Flaherty would have caught that!" Shouted to Randy Johnson in the third inning after Jorge Posada ineffectually waves at a high fastball, allowing the Red Sox' second run of the inning to score.

  See the entire list here.

Hat Sales Benefit Charity

$500 sent to Hole in the Wall Gang;

Follows $3,000 for Jimmy Fund From Shirt Sales

We recently dispatched a check for $500 to the Hole in the Wall Gang which represented profits from the sale of our always-stylish hats. We've still got a few left, especially in this season's hot color burgundy, so why not pick one up?

Who Wants Tickets?

BLOHARD Meryl Pearlstein has tickets for a number of upcoming Sox/Yanks battles that she's willing to sell at cost. No Yankee fans need apply. Specific details are as follows: June 8 -- 2 box seats, not together; September 16 -- 1 Box, 1 Tier seat; September 17 -- 2 Box seats, not together. If you're interested, why not email Meryl?

Bar Situation Clarified

We wrote in our last issue about the Byzantine situation faced by Gotham-based Sox fans looking for a congenial tavern in which to bend their elbows. Well things have clarified somewhat, principally by the disappearance of two mid-town watering holes. Details here.
BLOHARDS, Sox Share Fellowship, Sustenance

As Promised, Thrashing of Yanks Follows

Food Poisoning Fears Seen "Overblown"

(New York, May 9th) Benefitting from ridiculously low expectations, the BLOHARDS rump leadership group pulled off its first post-Powers luncheon with a minimum of chaos. Summarizing the mood of the assemblage, one participant was heard to comment: "It was no worse than I would have anticipated". Apprised of these sentiments, the self-appointed cabal was seen exultantly high-fiving and indulging in a dance which was thought to be related to the "Macarena". A full account is provided here.


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