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July 1, 2006 - 5:56 pm

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Viewing Party Draws Nigh!
Misshapen Cheeto Mars Fens Trip

Other than that, things OK as Sox sweep Mets

(Boston, June 29) Approximately 50 BLOHARDS today convened in Westport for a mid-afternoon bus trip to Boston to watch the Red Sox take on the National League-leading Mets at Fenway. After an uneventful ride, they were joined by a like number of Boston-based fellows at the park. The game was satisfactory, featuring, as it did, beautiful weather, David Ortiz's 200th career home run, a spectacular catch by Coco Crisp, a sweep of the Mets and the Sox' 12th consecutive win.

Unfortunately, on the trip home, while snacking on BLOHARD provided comestibles, one rider was confronted by an oddly shaped and slightly off-color Cheeto. As an organization, the BLOHARDs would like to apologize to the aggrieved party. We will attempt to do better next time.

Pictures from the trip are available on the blog.
Town Fathers Move Against "Event of the Century"

Cosmic Balance Endangered?

Alarmed by the potential for mayhem, local and federal authorities are reportedly working to squelch a planned August 1 gathering of BLOHARDs. Concerns evidently stem from the unknown consequences of having so much brilliance and fervor concentrated in such a small venue. As described by one astrophysicist (who didn't want to be named since he's not authorized to speculate on the end of the universe), "The possibility that a 'singularity', such as we see at the center of a black hole, could be created is too large to ignore. As such, we... (See "Supernova", p.4)

No, seriously, we're getting together on Tuesday August 1 at Earl's Restaurant and Bar (37th and 3rd) to watch our Sox dump additional rain on the Indians' already waterlogged parade. You'd be crazy to miss it, and you'd be crazy not to let Joe Cosgriff know you're coming. Specify whether you want the $35 open bar 'til 9:00, or the a la carte option so far as drinking is concerned. Earl's features barbeque and comfort food, and they're tossing in some complementary hors d'oeuvres. Upon arriving, just let the host or hostess know you're with the BLOHARDS and they'll be sure to find you a nice spot in the adjoining alley.
Bet You Didn't Know That...

1. We have kindred souls in Nova Scotia! You can visit the "Bluenose BoSox Brotherhood" here.

2. You can get a free email address with a "" extension here.

3. There's a dating service that only matches compatable Sox fans. Now there's a time-saver.

Bet You Figured Out That...

We're running out of creative gas over here. If you've got any good material, or a devious plot to take over the BLOHARDs propaganda apparatus, don't be bashful about getting in touch with us.


Papi to "Hall of Fame"?
Cannonization Seen Imminent
Read all about it in Frank's blog.

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