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August 1, 2006 - 5:56 pm

August 2006

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BLOHARDS Enjoy a Hot Time at Earl's
Save the Date!

Friday September 15 set for lunch with Sox

Our fortieth (more or less) annual autumnal repast with the Sox will occur September 15 at Manhattan's storied Yale Club. Expected attractions include a revival of the Henry Berry slide show (true), a Johnny Damon pinata for the kids (not really), meat and potatoes (no kidding), a panel discussion on property rights headlined by Larry Luccino and Doug Mientkiewicz (not so much), and a spectral visit from your deceased great aunt Virgina (true if you really want it to be). Details to follow, but mark it in indelible ink now!

New on the Website...

Really nothing to speak of. Why don't you people get off your keisters and send us some good material?

We Swelter as Sox Bats Cool

"Air conditioning? We don't need no stinkin' air conditioning!"

At 2:00 PM on Tuesday August 1, including himself, BLOHARD VP for Homeland Security Joe Cosgriff had a total of nine RSVPs to that night's gettogether at Earl's restaurant and bar. Anticipating a debacle, Cosgriff mulled dropping from sight and waiting for the unpleasantness with Earl's to blow over. As it turned out, he needn't have worried; more that 40 BLOHARDs, acolytes, groupies and wannabes eventually gathered to watch Boston fall to the Indians.

Considering that the temperature outside was nudging 90, an unsubtle observer might have considered the choice of a restaurant without discernable air conditioning to be a curious one. Far from it! The shared adversity of (i) close quarters;(ii) high temperatures; and (iii) a Sox defeat further hardened the already alloy-like bond of brotherhood which united the participants. Indeed, everybody is already looking forward to September's reprise; a Devil Ray's game which we're going to watch in a walk-in freezer at the newly-constructed Hunt's Point fish market. Be sure to wear shorts!

Pictures here.
How to Talk to a Yankee Fan? Slowly.

So, these two guys, Andy Wasif and Rick D’Elia, have written a book: "How to Talk to a Yankee Fan." While we haven't read it yet, based on the website it looks wicked funny. Anyhow, they're going to be at Professor Thom's on August 17th (an off-night in which the Sox will be girding their loins for the following night's climactic battle with Beelzebub in one of his most repulsive guises). It'll probably be a lot of fun, and if your editor weren't going to be stuck, like, 500 miles from anything that even uses electricity, in the middle of Kenya, he'd probably drop by.


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