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August 2, 2006 - 5:56 pm

August 2006 (Supplement)

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No Strangers to Adversity,
BLOHARDS to Meet 9/15
Denis Leary Goes Nuts!

NESN's attempts to squelch hilarious rant unavailing

No effort too great for our members; we get the goods

Denis Leary and his "Rescue Me" co-star Lenny Clarke recently stopped by the booth to visit with Don and Jerry for a half an inning. NESN evidently didn't think that the ensuing insanity reflected well on its image, and, like some kind of Inspector Jabert, has been remorselessly pursuing the clip across the breadth and length of the internet. Well, we've got it for you here. See it now before NESN kills again.

Sox down 7? Youks hits 4th?
Bring it on!

It'll be just like old times at the Yale Club

Having evidently failed to satisfactorily propitiate Nomar, the Greek God of Injuries, the Red Sox have been exhibiting some swoonish behavior. It's enough to take a fella back to the glory days of George Scott and Butch Hobson, and it's enough to separate the true fan from the frontrunning poseur. So what's it going to be? Lunch is 75 bucks and includes all the rolls you can eat, not to mention a return of the Henry Berry slide show, and the kind of BLOHARD bonding that only comes with adversity.

Details here.
Change at Hairy Monk?

We're given to understand that Seamus Flynn, the Dutchman who did so much to make the Monk a Sox haven, is out as GM. If you have any experiences (good or bad) there let us know, willya?

Mnookin to Thoms

Seth Mnookin, author of "Feeding The Monster" will be at Professor Thom's on September 14. You might be able to get more information on their website if they ever get around to updating it.

Papi's Heart Racing?

Given the size of that thing, it must be powered by the same engine as a Ferrari.

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