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October 1, 2006 - 5:56 pm

October 2006

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BLOHARDS Virtual Lunch
Sox Remember Powers

Family Presented Photo by Steinberg

Fenway Park
July 6, 2004
Probably the most touching moment at lunch came when Sox EVP/Public Affairs Charles Steinberg presented the Powers family with a framed picture of the centerfield Diamond Vision display from an early July game. The display showed deceased BLOHARD founder and President-for-Life (at least) Jim Powers reveling with the Sox' 2004 world series trophy. The accompanying caption read: "The Red Sox and the BLOHARDS salute the wonderful life of Jim Powers". A computer-screen-sized copy of the photo can be viewed here. A suitable-for-framing poster-sized version is here.

Spaceman's a gem!

Bill being Bill
Brett Rapkin and Josh Dixon who together produced the movie Spaceman: A Baseball Odyssey, a documentary about Bill Lee and a trip he took to Cuba, enlivened the proceedings by showing a clip of their opus, and answering questions. Richly sprinkled with appearances by Luis Tiant, Fred Lynn, Dick Williams and Bill's Aunt Annabelle, the movie beautifully depicts a free spirit and one of the great lefthanded pitchers in Red Sox history. More information is available here.

"Pole Finder" takes the fun out of Fenway

Who hasn't enjoyed the delicious anticipation, after buying a seat in Fenway's grandstand, of not knowing what part of your view is going to be obstructed by the park's ubiquitous poles? Well, Tim Shea, a killjoy if there ever was one, has written a book which, if you buy it, will inform you before getting to the park, precisely what your view will be like. Why would anybody want to know that?

No, seriously, the book is terrific, and Tim, who spoke at our lunch and seems like a heck of a nice guy, has done all Sox fans a great service. More info here.
Henry Berry (Slideshow) Makes Miraculous Return

Tradition honored; ARod, Jeter Ridiculed

After a decade-long hiatus, the Henry Berry Memorial slide show was triumphantly resurrected at lunch. As compiled by BLOHARD SVP for Transportation Ray Duffy, the show featured such hallowed elements as the "George Steinbrenner Horse's Ass Award" and commemoration those luminaries who this year joined the "great expansion team in the sky". Also featured was an off-color joke about a penguin with a broken down car and some time to kill. It had something to do with ARod. Through a miracle of modern technology, the show (although not Ray's inimitable Boston accent) is available by clicking here. (NOTE: Treat warnings about potential hazards to the security of your computer with the dismissive contempt they deserve. In the first place, all content is BLOHARD-certified to be virus-free. In the second place, the loss of your system would be a small price to pay for the hilarity to be enjoyed. You may also want to resize the window to increase the available viewing area for the commentary that goes with the slides.)

Mighty Quinn Spews Trivia

Ed Jurak eludes crowd; Yaz is a layup.

Quinn holds court
Julie Cordeiro / Boston Red Sox
Professor Thom's resident trivia maven, the Mighty Quinn, made a cameo at lunch and offered up a smorgasbord of puzzlers. The assembled BLOHARDS made short work of Which Red Sock(?) was the first Hall-of-Famer to have played in Little League? (Carl Yastrzemski, duh), but had a harder time with Which Red Sox utility infielder famously caught a rat on the infield of Fenway Park in the early 1980s? (That would be Ed Jurak.) Anyhoo, the whole thing was a lot of fun and we hope Quinn will join us again. You can get his take on the experience here.

With any luck...

You didn't get 12 copies of this email. Think of the indigestion caused by that many virtual lunches. A portion of our lucky membership did get our most recent mailing repeatedly, owing, evidently, to a "feature" in our email software which was ultimately "modified" by taking a pickaxe to the computer server here at BLOHARD World Headquarters. Our apologies to all.
Steinberg Dazzles

Exec answers queries, performs emergency root canal

A pole-free opener?

The Doctor operates
Julie Cordeiro / Boston Red Sox
In his traditional role as lunch "closer", Dr. Charles Steinberg did not disappoint. Forthright as always, Steinberg dissected the disappointments of 2006, again reviewed the thinking behind the decisions not to resign Johnny Damon and to trade Bronson Arroyo, and discussed the likelihood, and importance, of the Sox sustaining their sellout streak through the end of the season (as it happens, they did). In light of the Yankees' occupation of their new stadium starting in 2009, he also stressed the need for the good guys to maximize every possible revenue source. Finally, like the Czar hearing for the first time that the peasants were suffering, he professed his sympathy on finding that BLOHARDS traveling on the opening day bus trip have, on occasion, had their views obstructed by poles. Perhaps the future holds better views of a better team?

Remaining Lopez Charms Crowd, Then Bamboozles Yanks

Javy with Joe Castiglione
Julie Cordeiro / Boston Red Sox
Demonstrating superhuman endurance, Javier ("the good one") Lopez submitted to a grueling interview by radio announcer Joe Castiglione and questions from the audience. The presentation revealed him to be uncommonly well-spoken and insightful. Himself a graduate of the University of Virginia, Lopez spent his offseason in Knoxville, where his wife is pursuing a graduate degree at the University of Tennessee. His lunch uneaten, the indomitable Lopez dashed to the Bronx to gird his loins for a confrontation with the Yankees whom he subsequently baffled with a win and only one hit allowed in two appearances over the subsequent two days.

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