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May 1, 2007 - 5:56 pm

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It Just Gets Better and Better...
BLOHARD Kunen Sets Times Straight

Scathing letter forces timorous corrections

No sacrifice too great in service of historical accuracy

Faced with the prospect that Boston's historic feat of battering four consecutive homers against the same Yankee pitcher would be incorrectly memorialized by the "newspaper of record", Jim Kunen swung into action. His letter to the New York Times, specifying its many reportorial deficiencies, left the paper no recourse but to admit its failings. We, and history, are the richer for Jim's vigilance.

Cablevision Knuckles Under

Diminished productivity of expat Sox fans seen spurring recession.

Faced with the prospect of a BLOHARD-led boycott, Cablevision has, at long last, reached an agreement with Major League Baseball to carry the Extra Innings Package. Details here.
Hundreds Gather For 4/27 Lunch

The BLOHARDS' first luncheon of the 2007 season drew the club's largest gathering since Roger Clemens and Calvin Schiraldi walked their respective extended families into the McGraw-Hill dining room in 1986. Coming off a three-game sweep in Fenway the previous weekend, the first-place Sox were the primary draw, represented by pitcher Kyle Snyder, WEEI's Joe Castiglione, Sox EVP and our closer, Dr. Charles Steinberg, and Sox staffers and BLOHARDS regulars, Julie Cordero, Pam Ganley, and Sarah Stevenson.

Foxwoods pitchman and Cafe Carlyle crooner, John Pizzarelli (with his trio), led things off with "Take Me Out To the Ballgame," followed by VP Peter Collery's report on the woeful state of the BLOHARDS communications and marketing effort.

Other highlights included a sing-along to the Foxwoods theme with Pizzarelli ("Spin the wheel/Yes, I am THAT GUY"), Castiglione's interview with Snyder, trivia questions ("Name two Sox pitchers from the '90s whose last names could have been one-word weather forecasts"), and a few words from the guys who own Prof. Thom's, a Sox bar with a weekly BINGO game.

No luncheon would be complete without a) BLOHARDS' EVP of Transportation, Ray Duffy, channeling The Henry Berry Memorial Slideshow and b) Sox EVP and ace luncheon closer, Dr. Charles Steinberg sharing his insights about all things Red Sox Nation.

It is never too early to purchase the gift of lunch, even for oneself. Next BLOHARDS luncheon - August 28th at the Yale Club. Roger Clemens will be mentioned.

Pictures here.
"We're Having A Party..."

BLOHARDS to flood Thom's May 14

The BLOHARDS will be holding a short-notice, highly-informal gathering to view the Red Sox - Tigers game on Monday, May 14th at Professor Thom's - 219 Second Avenue (between 13th and 14th Streets on the west side of Second Ave.). Gametime is 7 p.m. The time-honored "you-order-it, you-pay-for-it" structure will be in place for the evening.

The establishment has 12 LCD screens and a 100" projection screen which, barring an alligator special on The Discovery Channel, will all be tuned to the Red Sox game. There is usually a small screen that shows the Yankees, allowing patrons to cheer lustily for the Bombers' opponent.

For those wishing to check in on the next-to-last episode of "24" between Sox commercials, PT's will be holding an 8-10 p.m. "24" Party upstairs in the Loft. Free shots every time Jack kills someone, sake bombs for other plot twists (e.g. if Tom Lennox loses his incriminating tape of the Deadwood guy who plays the VP).

Beer and food specials abound, as well as Monday night trivia at around 9:30 with The Omnipotent Quinn, who serves up a pretty fair indictment of Roger the Carpetbagger on his blog this week.

We are hoping to have 2-3 more viewing parties prior to our August 28th luncheon at the Yale Club. Stay tuned to the website, watch your email.

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