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June 1, 2007 - 5:56 pm

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Take a Deep Breath...
Viewing Party Set

Thom's to host BLOHARDs 6/18

Braves to be rendered timid

The next BLOHARDS' informal viewing party will be held at Professor Thom's (219 Second Avenue) on Monday, June 18th. The Red Sox will be playing the Atlanta Braves on the road that night. First pitch 7:00PM. The Monday night slot allows the BLOHARDS team to defend its all-time record score in Quizmaster Quinn's Monday Night Trivia Contest. Chris from Prof. Thom's has also promised us a few innings of Play-By-Play Karaoke for would-be Orsillos and Remys (and Suzyn Waldmans). There will be a karaoke sign-up sheet available at the BLOHARDS table on the night of the event. You'd be crazy to miss it.
O'Brien's Gets Seal of Approval

Pearlstein Throws Support to UES Tavern
Shortly before press time, we received an endorsement from indefatigable Sox-friendly bar tester Meryl Pearlstein of Pat O'Brien's bar at 89th and Second. More on this story as it develops.

Not For the Kids,
But Wicked Funny...
is the stuff to be found at Townie News. We particularly recommend, for instance, this rant following the Sox' April sweep of the Yanks at Fenway.
BLOHARDS Overexposed?

Group Gets More Ink Than Lindsay Lohan

Recent weeks have seen features on the BLOHARDs in the Quincy Patriot Ledger, the Boston University Free Press, and on NESN's Red Sox Report. We're working on getting the latter item for the webpage.

Next Lunch Set For August 28
It is never too early to purchase the gift of lunch, even for oneself. Next BLOHARDS luncheon August 28th at the Yale Club. Roger Clemens will be mentioned.

Guapo Fat and Happy in Granite State
Special Correspondent Joe Cosgriff reports: "Longtime BLOHARDS favorite and former Sox pitcher, Rich Garces, is off to a blazing start for the Nashua Pride of the independent Can-Am League. "El Guapo" has allowed just one hit in his four appearances, striking out five and walking just one, and hitting one batter (probably on purpose). Garces has saved three of Nashua's four wins, and his ERA of 0.00 is tied for the lowest anywhere on this planet.

Sox fans will recall that Garces was a combined 19-3 over the 1999-2001 seasons until the Sox memorably asked him to lose weight before spring training of 2002. The weight loss regime was successful, but the svelte Guapo was never the same pitcher again. His ERA of over 7.00 got him released by the Sox, and more ineffective pitching led to his release by Colorado prior to the 2003 season.

The good news for Guapo fans is that our hero appears to be back to the physical stature (i.e. heft) that carried him to his success with the Sox. Barring an injury or the purchase of Garces' contract by the Yankees, the BLOHARDS are considering an August road trip to catch El Guapo in either Atlantic City or Montclair. Check your email, the blog, and the website for more information."
May 14 Marks Twin Killing

Sox Demolish Tigers; BLOHARDS Romp At Trivia

After enjoying an absolutely routine 7-1 drubbing of the Tigers by their heros, the BLOHARDS cruised to an even more predictable victory in the post-game Professor Thom's trivia contest. Benefitting from the weird omniscence of Theresa Luginbuhl, Joe Cosgriff and Alice Connorton, along with the deductive powers of David Evans (who knew that the letter "t" was alien to the Hawaiian language since "there's no t in Don Ho"), the BLOHARDS set a new competition record for most points scored and fewest wrong answers.

A similar Golden Horde-like performance is anticipated at the next BLOHARD get-together on June 18. Non-attending spouses would be well advised not to wait up.

The Golden Horde of trivia teams

Blog Bogged?
Frank Minishak is doing some kind of job over at the BLOHARD Blog, but he can't do it all alone. Enough with the take, take, take. How about sending Frank a little content? Come to think of it, if you've got any good stuff, send it to us. We'll, uh, make sure he gets it.

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