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August 1, 2007 - 5:56 pm

August 2007

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You Want Events? We Got Events.
Thom's to Hop in August

(New York, August 1) In his capacity as acting social activities director, BLOHARD VP for player personnel, Joe Cosgriff today announced two upcoming events at Professor Thom's (Second Avenue between 13th and 14th Streets). On August 6th, the Sox will be taking on the Calanageles Angels with a 10:05 first pitch. Cosgriff returns from his own West Coast road trip that night and, what with being on Pacific time anyway, he's antsy to watch the game. First beer is on Joe for any card carrying BLOHARD mentioning Joe Lahoud. Should Joe's flight for any reason be delayed, mention of the same to Thom's proprietor Chris Wertz gets the freebie. Look for Joe in the newly-dedicated (and decorated) BLOHARDS' "luxury booth" in the back of the saloon.

One week later (the 13th) the Sox play Tampa Bay at 7:05, and, post-game, the undefeated BLOHARDS play trivia. If they're not too chagrined by prior thrashings, those insolent whippersnappers from the "Red Sox Meetup Group" may afford us the opportunity to put them in their place again. All are welcome to join or just exhort the team to victory. Free drink tickets from the previous two wins will be thrown around with impunity. As before, the BLOHARDS "nook" is the place to find the fun.
Lunch Set For 8/28

On August 28, Manhattan's historic Yale Club will host the next luncheon meeting of the BLOHARDS. Much important business will be conducted, including the ridiculing of Alex Rodriguez. Rosters not yet having expanded, we'll most likely be joined by a player you've actually heard of, who will most likely be interviewed by Joe Castiglione. Inquiries as to the state of the organization's finances will provoke vague and inconsistent responses. The Red Sox will be in first place, and all will be right with the world. Cocktails 11:30, lunch Noon. $75 tickets may be purchased online, or by check mailed to:

Jim Shea
48 Fairway Dr.
Stamford, CT. 06903.

Pre-purchase of tickets strongly encouraged, but if you need to pay at the door, email Jim with your problems.

More details here.

Monk Readies Jimmy Benefit

Headlines Grow Ever More Cryptic

On August 17th, in conjunction with a day/night doubleheader thingy against the Angels, the Sox will be sponsoring the 6th annual WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio Telethon. The event is evidently going to be hosted in part by the Hairy Monk at 25th St. and 3rd Ave. Give 'em a call at (212) 532-2929, and they'll tell you all about it.

Unidentified bartender pulls a pint at the Monk
Unidentified bartender pulls a pint at the Monk.

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