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September 1, 2007 - 5:56 pm

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"And They're Coming Down the Stretch..."
Hinske, Others Speak at Lunch

Dozens Successfully Fed, Hydrated, Entertained

(New York, August 28) A seven-game lead, punctuated by a 16-0 Yankees' loss to the Tigers, set the stage for another highly-entertaining BLOHARDS luncheon when the Sox visited NYC back in late August. Late reservations and a sizeable walk-up crowd made for a packed room of BLOHARDS and guests.

After host Joe Cosgriff threw some red meat and hanging sliders to the audience, crooner/guitarist/casino pitchman, John Pizzarelli, led the room through a unique medley of "Take Me Out To the Ballgame" and the Foxwoods ("Wonder Of It All") theme. New Sox radio voice, Glenn Geffner, was up next, introducing and interviewing Sox back-up outfielder, Eric Hinske. The highlight of their conversation was Hinske describing how his role requires that he must be physically and mentally prepared to play each night, while actually playing once or twice a week. Prof. Thom's trivia maven, John Quinn, tested the minds of our membership, with prizes donated by Bruce Donahue and the Bosox Club.

Post-lunch guests included authors Andy Wasif ("How To Talk To a Yankee Fan") and Rhonda Zapatka, who movingly read from Sox In the City, a memoir of a true female Sox fan who "doesn't own a pink hat". BLOHARDS' Senior VP of Transportation, Ray Duffy, came on next with the Henry Berry Memorial Slideshow, a particularly creative and scathing effort that saw Barry Bonds run off with the coveted Horse's Ass Award. A-Rod's STRAY-ROD behavior and John Turturro's Posada-like prosthetic ears in "The Bronx Is Burning" likewise merited Ray's scrutiny. Ray also recalled a BLOHARDS' trip to the Bronx in the late 1980s that saw the group treated to an unscheduled visit by the late Phil Rizzuto, who had to be dragged away at gametime by a WPIX producer after having enjoyed an hour of BLOHARD hospitality (not to mention a couple of White Russians).

AV difficulties thwarted Ed Randall's attempts to preview his new show, leaving it to our closer, Charles Steinberg, to get a five-out save. Answering questions about NESN, Fenway Park, J.D. Drew, Mike Lowell, and any number of high priority subjects, Doctor Charles combined humor, candor, and Eddie Murray references as no one else can.

Pictures here.
George Bolton, RIP

We've collected a few reminiscences and pictures of our recently departed friend George Bolton. You can see them here.

Trivia Juggernaut Derailed

The BLOHARD trivia team took an unblemished 2-0 record into their match at Professor Thom's on August 20. After a couple of early miscues, the virtuosity of Alice Connorton, Theresa Luginbuhl, David Evans, Doug Shufelt and Fran Goddu enabled the team to force a sudden death overtime against their fierce rivals "Thurman Munson's Flying Circus". Incredibly, in the overtime round we underestimated the number of RBIs that Ted Williams and Vern Stephens had in 1949 (159 each), and so went down to defeat. Taking a page from George Steinbrenner's book, the team has already fired its entire front office staff, and anticipates doubling its spending on free agents next season.

Spring Training Tix?

Keep it quiet, but if you've got a really heart-rending story, we might have a line on some tickets to spring training. Just something to keep in mind...

Babbling With Bill

A handful of BLOHARDS, along with some friends (notably including Bill Lee) recently had the opportunity to speak on the Joey Reynolds Show. You can listen to a podcast here.
Big Weekend Draws Nigh

Thom's is the place to be Sunday Night

If you can beleive it, the Sox and the Yankees are going to be on ESPN Sunday night at 8:00, and there's some talk that people might gather at a congenial watering hole to watch the proceedings. Should you be so inclined, you'll want hie yourself to Professor Thom's to join BLOHARD EVP for homeland security Joe Cosgriff in the exclusive BLOHARDS (semi)luxury skybox. Get there early; it'll probably be a madhouse.

Bumper stickers, hydrogen cars seen neck and neck

One of the traditional perks for fully-paid membership in the BLOHARDS has been the group's bumper sticker. Supplies having been depleted sometime during the Ramiro Mendoza era, we've lept into action, and are anticipating that we'll have replacement stickers ready for use on your very first hydrogen-fueled vehicle.

No, really, we are making some progress, and should have the goods by the end of the (hopefully playoff-lengthened) season. If you paid your dues, didn't get a sticker and are quietly nursing a murderous greivance over it, send us an email willya? We'll get it right out to you by transporter beam.


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