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April 1, 2008 - 5:56 pm

April 2008

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"And Away We Go..."
Bus Set for 4/8

Ho, Hum. Another Opening Day, Another Ring Ceremony

On Tuesday April 8th, two busloads of bloodthirsty BLOHARDs will depart Westport, CT in search of Tiger pelts with which to gird their loins. The 42nd (or so) consecutive edition of this particular odyssey promises to be a humdinger, what with the inevitable festivities commemorating last year's World Championship and the near-certain defanging of Leyland's Bengals. The return trip may feature some ingestion of malted beverages, and/or "cheezy" snacks.

More on the bus here.

BLOHARDS Launch "Multi-Media" Campaign

Desperate Bid For Solvency Seen
In a typically trailblazing use of modern technology, the BLOHARD Club recently dispatched to its membership a dues appeal which involved the use of both ink and paper. This missive, having been "printed" on a "press" was then "mailed" by an authorized office of the Federal Government. This audacious gambit, which depleted what little treasure was left in the BLOHARD treasury, was seen as a last-ditch attempt to shore up club finances amid widespread -and unrebutted- allegations of, among other things; waste, fraud, abuse, nepotism, cronyism, self-dealing, misfeasance, malfeasance and plunder.

The text of the appeal can be found here.

If You're Not...
subscribed to the Professor Thom's newsletter, you're missing some pretty funny stuff. Like this classic about Papelbon, his dog Boss, and the ball with which the Sox clinched the 2007 World Series.
BLOHARDS Introduce Spring Line

Hats, T's, Jerseys Bolster Tired Brand

(New York, April 1) Freshening up a clothing line which had dwindled to one obsolete T-Shirt, and one ugly hat, the BLOHARDs today introduced a comprehensive wardrobe of items guaranteed to incite the maximum possible amount of hostility from the generally neck- and humor-deficient population with whom they are forced to co-exist.

Leading off is a very sporty BLOHARD button down baseball jersey, a screaming bargain at $30, while following it are two entirely new hats ($15 a pop) which are every bit the equal of their ancestors, save only in the ugly department. Finally, batting cleanup, as it were, is our positively incendiary "Got Rings Lately?" t-shirt likewise priced at $15.

All items are available on line, or by sending name, address and check for the appropriate amount to Peter Collery c/o SC Fundamental LLC, 747 Third Ave. - 27th floor, New York, NY 10017. As always, profits from these items, if and when realized, will be donated to the Jimmy Fund.

Pizzarelli Busy

Notwithstanding his grueling workload as Songster Laureate of the BLOHARDS, former "Foxwoods Guy" John Pizzarelli has a few upcoming local appearances. On May 4th he'll be doing a benefit concert at Bronx Science, and, like the Red Sox, he'll be in Boston on June 6th and 7th. He'll even be at Fenway for the June 8th tilt against the M's. John was recently profiled on CBS's Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood. Complete details on his upcoming schedule are here.

Lunch Set for April 17

Trophy, Gathering to Share Continent?

The Red Sox come to town on April 16, and on April 17, they'll be coming to lunch with us at the Yale Club. As described in the official announcement the event will feature a full program designed to entertain and elucidate. While we can't confirm that the 2007 World Championship Trophy will be -strictly speaking- "present" at lunch, we have it on good authority that it will be on the North American land mass, which is practically the same thing.

The room barely accommodates 400 people, so you'll want to get your tickets online, or by sending a check for $75 a plate to Julie Powers Killian (42 Forest Ave., Rye NY 10580), like, today.

Membership Has Its Privileges

And a card is one of them...eventually
We've had the odd inquiry from people who paid their dues in, oh, November wondering when they can expect their membership cards. All we can say is that this is not a simple process. Firstly, we need to assemble the requisite collection of goodies (card, bumper sticker, pocket schedule...). Then there's the background check, the social security matching and some other procedures we're not even allowed to talk about.

We're aiming for mid-April, but if you don't have yours by then, you might not want to squawk too much about it if you catch my drift.


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