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September 1, 2008 - 5:56 pm

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Slide Show Leaves 'Em Laughing

The latest edition of the recently revived Henry Berry Memorial Slide Show was the very definition of edutainment. Insightful, humorous and brilliantly paced by narrator Ray Duffy, it included a survey of recent developments in Red Sox Nation, the Yankee Universe (Ha!), and elsewhere. Included were such topics as Kevin Youkilis' capacity to sweat, Matsuzaka's ponderous work habits and the emergence of Jed Lowrie. It was noted that we'll probably be seeing a lot more of Lowrie following Julio Lugo's latest setback which occured when Terry Francona accidently crept up from behind and inadvertently hit Lugo on the leg with a baseball bat.

Also covered was the state of A-Rod's and Madonna's love lives, the ever-vigilant Yankees' battle against sunscreen -the latest front in the war on terror, and a rememberance of baseball figures who, in Henry Berry's turn of phrase, joined the "expansion team in the sky". You can read the whole thing here.

Cervasio, Swag, Deserving Kids...
What more do you want?

Former NESN reporter, current host of MSG's "MSG, NY", and friend of the BLOHARDS Tina Cervasio is running in the New York Marathon on November 2, which is pretty impressive. But that's not enought for Tina. Nope, she's running and raising money at the same time for the Garden's very worthy Garden of Dreams Foundation which "makes dreams come true for kids in crisis" . If you think that's all there is to the story, you obviously don't know Tina. As part of the whole effort, she's also holding a fundraising party on Thursday September 25th at Foley's NY Pub (18 W. 33rd St.) from 7:30-10:00PM.

The festivities will include Charity Karaoke (?), a 50/50 raffle and an auction of all kinds of great sports memorabilia, including a signed David Ortiz jersey, a Papelbon autographed ball and a bat signed by your 2008 AL MVP Dustin Pedroia. We'll pass along additional details if and when we get 'em, but in the meantime, you'll probably want to pencil this event into your calendar.

Space and Time...
preclude a detailed recounting of all the other great stuff that happened at lunch, including a reading by author Nicholas Dawidoff of his recently published book The Crowd Sounds Happy; Singer Christine Pedi channeling Liza Minnelli; a reenactment of Manny's 500th home run which, included, incredibly, the ball being caught be the exact same guy who caught it the first time around; and triviameister Quinn doing what he does best. Seems like the thing to do next year might be to attend, rather than read about it after the fact, huh?
Bailey Bewitches

Slugger imparts valuable life lesson

Continuing a time-honored tradition, the Red Sox dispatched one of their 25-or-so brightest stars, Jeff Bailey, to join the BLOHARDS for lunch on August 27. Bailey, who in his professional career has hit home runs at the Bondesque rate of Bailey and Randall
once every 13 at bats, hit another tater in his interview with Talking Baseball's Ed Randall.

Self-effacing and funny, he recalled his eleven year trek to the majors, the influence of his father and grandfather on his development as a ballplayer, and some anecdotes. Having had a series of Pawtucket roommates promoted ahead of him while he languished at AAA, he recalled concluding that "I was good luck for them, but I was bad luck for me." Describing a hustle base hit the previous evening which had plated two runs for the Sox, he observed: "It's amazing how much faster you run in the majors."

The highlight of his interview came when Randall asked, more or less, whether Bailey's story of perserverance in the face repeated disappointment and adversity might have afforded him any life lessons he could impart to the 150 or so BLOHARDs in the audience. Pausing for a moment, Bailey replied: "If you don't have a college degree, keep playing baseball for as long as they'll let you."

By the time he left the dais to a standing ovation Jeff had secured for himself a place in the hearts of BLOHARDS everywhere, and a lifetime invitation to BLOHARD luncheons even should his HR pace slow to a Ruthian 1-in-15 from here on in.

Sawxheads-BLOHARD Alliance Seen Promising

Rafe Anderson, proprietor of the recently launched, and a couple of his colleagues attended lunch and shot some film for a video on the BLOHARDS to be featured on the Sawxheads website. Sawxheads describes itself as a Red Sox-centric social network and it looks to be growing like topsy.

BLOHARD management is optimistic that cooperation with Sawxheads will provide all sorts of synergistic affinity-based electronic social networking opportunities just as soon as we can figure out how to turn that darn computer on.

Cosgriffs Wheel, Deal

Joe Cosgriff, BLOHARD VP of Compliance and Regulatory Affairs, served capably as master of ceremonies. In his opening remarks, Cosgriff noted that following his departure from Boston, Manny Ramirez was lauded by former teammate Julio Lugo and that Manny had, in turn, tossed a complement back at Lugo. "Unfortunately", Cosgriff noted, "it went through Lugo's legs." Joe also asked: "If Yankee Stadium is baseball's sacred cathedral, then why are they tearing it down?

Eric and Ryan with the farm report.
Meanwhile, giving a report on the recent June free agent draft were twin brothers Eric and Ryan Cosgriff who had just celebrated their 10th birthday at Fenway Park. (Ryan: "The Sox didn't celebrate with us. They almost got no-hit.")

The boys brought the attendees up to date on the Sox farm system, mentioning top pick Casey Kelly and how the Sox offered the Tennesee-bound QB "a boatload of dough to play baseball now and go to college in the offseason." We learned from Eric that another top prospect, Derrick Gibson, went 5-for-6 and stole SIX bases in a game held at Fenway Park for the team's draft picks. And Eric added that 5th round pick Ryan Westmoreland is "the top prospect out of Rhode Island since Rocco Baldelli."

The boys also provided an update on the Yankees, who failed to sign their top three picks, including their compensation pick who has tendonitis in his left elbow. Ryan offered a solid possible explanation about the Yankees' Tampa braintrust: "Maybe they thought he was a righty."

In Other News...
o BLOHARD, Jim Adrian threw out the first ball at Fenway on August 31 as part of the Sox' celebration of Connecticut day. In so doing, he followed in the none-too-small footsteps of BLOHARD founder Jim powers;
o We've been apprised by its author of a book/calendar entitled This BAD day in Yankees History. Evidently, it's a compendium of quotes and disasters about which Bill Lee says: "Fans against the Evil Empire will wish there were more days in the year." If you want an inscribed copy, you can contact the author;
o Our buddy Howie Singer was pretty much in charge of the recently completed Summer Olympics in Beijing. Except for the repression part. Or the nine year-old gymnasts. He didn't have anything to do with that.

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