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December 1, 2008 - 1:51 pm

December 2008

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Ho! Ho! Ho!
Season's Greetings from the BLOHARDS
'09 Lunches Set
Hilarity, Chicken on Menu

The BLOHARDS are pleased to announce that the 2009 luncheons will take place on Tuesday, May 5th and Friday, September 25th, both at the Yale Club in New York City. Expect the usual - and a few unusual - suspects in next season's lineup.

WFAN and talking Ed (Randall) will interview a Red Sox player at each luncheon, having hit home runs of edutainment last season with David Aardsma and Jeff Bailey. BLOHARDS Collery and Cosgriff are already hard at work on their C-minus material, with New York Marathoner Tina Cervasio jogging over from MSG with her A+ game. And good news - following his stated willingness, in light of prevailing financial conditions, to take a substantial pay cut, Henry Berry Memorial Slideshow MC Ray Duffy has agreed to terms on a new one year deal. A sigining is expected after completion of a routine physical. Congratulations, Ray!

Authors are again on the docket, with Harvey Frommer, author of the best-selling Remembering Yankee Stadium, promising to stop by and give us an update on his Fenway Park book, set for release in 2010. And expect some music... we are planning to honor the 101st anniversary of "Take Me Out To the Ballgame" with more live performances in 2009. Last year award-winning singer Christine Pedi channeled Barbra Streisand (in April) and Liza Minnelli (in August). Cafe Carlyle crooner John Pizzarelli also plans on diving into the luncheon festivities.

We hope to see you at the 2009 luncheons. And a prepaid BLOHARDS luncheon (now with Tiramisu!) makes the perfect holiday stocking stuffer.

Dues Don't
(rise, that is)
BLOHARDS lead by example

The BLOHARDS announced in late September that they were holding the line on dues for the coming year. (The Red Sox followed with a similar announcement in due course.) In 2009, $20 still buys a single year of good standing, while a puny $150 nets an entire lifetime. Get yours now.

This announcement represents neither an offer to sell memberships nor advice with respect to the purchase thereof. Prospective purchasers are urged to consult with their financial, tax and actuarial advisors before taking any action, especially with respect to lifetime memberships. Under no circumstances will refunds be paid.

Dignity for Sherm!
BLOHARDS lead by example
Sherm Feller, as all Sox fans of a certain age surely know, was the original polymath. Not content to be the voice of the Red Sox for 26 years, he was also a WEEI personality (on-air guests included Frank Sinatra and Nat Cole); the one-time husband of singer Judy Valentine (herself Bozo's assistant); and the composer of some 1,000 songs . For his legions of fans, Sherm's continuing absence from the Red Sox Hall of Fame has ripened over time from a source of perplexity into an intolerable outrage.

Fortunately, injustice has an enemy and his name is Gary Titus. From his website, Gary wages an indomitable battle for Sherm's induction and more generally for the preservation of his memory. Gary has expressed an interest in updating us on his campaign at a lunch next year. Pending that campaign's success, the BLOHARDS Board of Directors, in a stunning display of solidarity and moral leadership, has voted to forego any individual (and as yet, unproffered) inductions into the Sox HOF. In a brief statement accompanying their action, the BLOHARD braintrust said simply: "No Justice, No Peace".
Castiglione to Rock Foley's

Fresh off of hosting Tina Cervasio's September 25 Fund Raiser, Foley's NY Pub will be will be the site of an evening with Sox radio voice, Joe Castiglione this coming Sunday December 7th. Joe will discuss the '08 season and current hot stove topics even as he signs copies of his new book. There will also be some neat memorabilia on hand.

The event is being spearheaded by our friends at the Red Sox meetup group and it looks like they're going to have a bangup turnout. You can get more details here.

From Our Far-Flung Correspondents

We got an email the other day with the header "I bought one of Ted Williams' daughter's creepy paintings!" which, while accurate, doesn't do justice to the content of the email and its related links. In fact, the editorial staff of this publication despairs of ever satisfactorally conveying this story in all its nuance. Better you should read the original here.

Meanwhile, 900 miles to the northeast...

Our compadres in Nova Scotia's Bluenose BoSox Brotherhood fattened up for their annual ten month hibernation with a November 1 charity dinner hosted by their "Chairman-for-Life" Bill Lee. We haven't heard how the whole thing went, and probably won't until the rivers are passable again in May, but Bill was courteous enough to offer a list of suggested questions including:

"Do Don Zimmer and I keep in touch? Does he really resemble a gerbil? What were my first impressions of Fenway Park? Can a southpaw succeed there? Why is Graig Nettles not on my Christmas card list? How many times did I beat the Yankees? What was the Boston Massacre and what was my role, or non-role, in it? Who the heck is Stan Papi anyway? How did I single-handedly end the curse of the Bambino? Is Yaz really the worst dresser in baseball history? Why did Fisk sometimes throw the ball back to the mound harder than I pitched it?"

We're pretty sure it was a late night.

Thank You, Jerry Thomas!

The BLOHARDS had a fun-filled season of viewing parties at Professor Thom's - 219 Second Avenue in NYC, gathering for six regular season games and for all of the playoff games against the Angels and Rays.

We're grateful to Chris, Jim, Jenn, and the crew at Prof. Thom's for their hospitality, especially during the playoffs when turnout often exceeded the seating available in our BLOHARDS-branded skybox.

Not that we'd ever encourage heresy, but PT's is also an ideal place to watch the Pats, Celtics, and Bruins. It was even named by the Village Voice as the best place in the city to watch football, whatever that is. The new season of "24" will kick of in the Loft beginning on Mondays from mid- January through May. We understand that Tony Almeida, who, readers will no doubt recall was last seen being zipped into a body bag at the conclusion of the thirteenth episode of Season 5, comes back to life as a bad guy.

Vicente Romo's Inside Pitch

Buenos Dias amigos! Your ole buddy Vicente here with all the hot stove doings and don'tings... Vicente hears that The Tampa Rays have finally found a scapegoat for their World Series loss. They fired Kelly Frank, who for five years served as the person inside the suit of the team's mascot, Raymond. This was after being told by team officials that she (yep, Kelly's a gal!) "out-enthused" the Phillie Phanatic during the World Series. Vicente, kind of turned on by Raymond's dancing during the ALCS, is happy it wasn't a man - not that there's anything wrong with that...
Mascot trivia fans (calling John Quinn) will remember Kelly as K-O, the mascot of the Brockton Rox, during the 2003 season...

The 2009 edition of The Bill James Baseball Abstract projects Papi at .288, 37 HR, 119 RBIs, .966 OPS for next season. By the way, James has Mark Teixeira at .299, 36 HR, 121 RBIs, .956 OPS. "El Huevo" punches 'em both out with high cheese. Case closed... According to, the Sox are the favorites to win the 2009 World Series at 3:1. The Cubs and Angels are 5:1, with the Yankees and Phillies at 6:1. AL Champion Tampa is 10:1, along with the White Sox. The Washington Nationals? 300 to 1. Vicente's Best Bet: the Diamondbacks at 40 to 1. Good lineup, solid 1-2 starters, Manny might not be back for Dodgers.

Romo's Roamings; Going: a "Surprised" Luis Alicea... Coming: His replacement as first base coach, Tim Bogar, formerly of Tampa... Staying: Heidi Watney- the former Miss San Diego inks a multi-year pact with NESN... Still in play: Julio Lugo-to-Detroit. Many Motown blogs and sports columns having discerned that Lugo makes lots of errors, has no range, and makes a lot of money, anticipate that the Tigers will reciprocate with a similarly wretched contract (think D. Willis or Nate Robertson).

Merchandise? Oh, we got Merchandise...

Speaking as the owners of several gross of them, we can't think of a better Christmas present than our BLOHARD baseball cap, unless it's our BLOHARD baseball jersey. This assumes, of course, that you've already picked up a dozen or two of our incendiary t-shirts. You have picked up a dozen of our incendiary t-shirts, haven't you?

Hats. Very, very desirable hats.


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