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April 1, 2009 - 2:51 pm

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If At First You Don't Succeed...
Disappointed BLOHARDS Benefit Peers, Jimmy Fund

Two teeming busloads of happy BLOHARDS left Westport, CT. on Monday morning only to be turned back at Rocky Hill, outside of Hartford, by the announcement that that day's game had been cancelled by rain. While this unhappy news did not come as a complete surprise, it was a bitter disappointment.

Muttered insinuations that an unprecedented sing-along on the (coed) #2 bus had so offended the Ancients that they caused the rainout were unfounded, inasmuch as the singalong only commenced following the game's definitive cancellation.

In any event, BLOHARDS brass swung into action securing the gratis use of a bus for the following day, and collecting tickets from those who could not otherwise use them. These were reoffered to the membership at cost ($30) with the proceeds going to the Jimmy Fund. As it happened, $600 was raised, and a number of first-timers got to experience Opening Day with the BLOHARDS, validating the old saw that it's an ill wind that blows no good.

Maddie Pizz Gives 'em Heck
Certainly one of tne of the youngest and most bitterly disappointed BLOHARDS to make the abortive pilgrimmage was 11 year-old Maddie Pizzarelli. Not one to suffer in silence, Maddie ripped off a blistering letter to the powers-that-be on Yawkey Way criticizing their decision to cancel the opener. You can read it here.

Viewing Party Set
There will be a BLOHARD viewing party this Wednesday (the 15th) at Professor Thom's to watch the Sox take on the Oakland A's. First pitch is at 3:30 which ideally accomodates both those BLOHARDs wishing a late lunch and those looking for an early early dinner, so there's really no excuse not to be there. We'll gather in the BLOHARD skybox towards the back right of the establishment.

If you're coming, will you let Joe know?
BLOHARDS Steer Sox to Win in Second Try

Ho Hum, Another Opener, Another Victory

Undeterred by the prior day's rainout, a doughty band of BLOHARDS returned Tuesday for another try. Aided by this mojo infusion (and some pretty nifty pitching by Josh Beckett), the Sox cruised to a 5-3 victory. As a precaution, the trips up and back featured neither singalong nor quilting bee and were otherwise uneventful.

Pictures here.

Sox Offer Premium Ticket Packages

Our friends in the Red Sox premium sales department have alerted us to the availability of a variety of premium (read "expensive") packages, including limo packages, and a whole bunch of suite rental opportunities. Perhaps of greatest interest to our expatriate membership might be the "Ultimate Roadtrip" which includes top-drawer hotel accomodations in Boston, limo service to the game, sweet Monster seats, and more. For more information, you can click on the links or phone our buddy Will Droste at (617) 226-6483.

Jersey Governor Calls Assembly Into Session
Heather Mascuch, Red Sox Nation's Governor of New Jersey, has ordered her state's populace to a caucus on April 25 in Hunterdon County. The agenda for the conclave, which will occur at the Chili's restaurant on Route 202 in Flemington, is to witness the televised battering of the Yankees at the hands of our heros. The call to order is scheduled for 4:00 PM, and the folks at Chili's have generously agreed to contribute 10% of the check total to the Red Sox Foundation.

For more information, contact Scot Bennett, the Governor's Special Assistant for team-building and constituent camaraderie.
Chapter 7, In which our hero high-fives Papi

So, there I was, a few minutes before gametime, walking up the aisle in Section 15 in search of a friend, when all of a sudden there's this usher-instigated Yankee-Stadium-during-God-Bless-America-type lockdown during which I am very tersely instructed to "remain at my seat". It didn't seem like the ideal moment to engage in a Socratic discourse on the impossibility of "remaining" in a place which was some seven sections removed from where I presently was, so I merely smiled and strove to attain a state of total inconspicuosity.

Next thing you know, there's a cavalcade of Sox parading down the aisle on their way to the field. Matsuzaka, Delcarmen, Drew, Lowell, and ohmigod Papi! Needless to say, I seized the opportunity to engage in a little banter, and I want to assure you that this is the nicest, least pretentious group of folks you'd ever want to meet. Not at all snooty like, say, those New York sports stars. Seriously, they'd fit right in with your uncle's friends at the Grange Hall. In fact, I'm pretty sure I persuaded Ellsbury to come by the Hall sometime this winter.

Anyhow, I just thought you'd want to know.
Pictures here.

We Did Mention Lunch, Right?
We could have sworn that our last newsletter informed everybody that we're sponsoring LUNCH on MAY 5th at the Columbia /Princeton Club, but based on ticket sales to date, we must be mistaken. So, in the interests of clarity, let's review: The BLOHARDS are holding a LUNCH on MAY 5th at the Columbia /Princeton Club. Information on the MAY 5th LUNCH is available here. Tickets for LUNCH, which are essential if one wishes to eat, may be purchased here.

Looking forward to seeing everybody on MAY 5th!

Let's Network Baby!
Various friends of the BLOHARDS have established affinity sites on Sawxheads, Facebook, and LinkedIn. If we were you, we'd join 'em all.

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