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March 1, 2007 - 1:51 pm

March 2007

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And Away We Go...
Lunch Set for April 27

Pizzarelli to sing, Duffy dance

Food service seen likely

So, for, like, the 41st year in a row, the BLOHARDs will gather to break bread and bust a few guts at Manhattan's storied Yale Club on April 27th. This year's shinding promises to be special, as it will feature a few songs from longtime Sox fan and Foxwoods crooner, John ("The Wonder of It All...") Pizzarelli; BLOHARDS EVP for Transportation Ray Duffy's narration of the recently-revived Henry Berry Memorial Slideshow; the anticipated appearance of Sox EVP/Public Affairs Charles Steinberg; and a host of surprises.

The doors will open for a 30-minute social hour at 11:30, with lunch to follow at noon. Meat and potatoes will be served. The room barely accomodates 300 people, and at $75 a head, tickets will go fast. You'll want to get on the stick and get yours now. You can either pay by check mailed to:

Julie Powers Killian
42 Forest Ave.
Rye, NY 10580

or online by credit card.

Japanese 101
Courtesy of a Nipponese colleague of our own Ray Duffy, herewith a few essential phrases in Japanese:

"Daisuke dominates enemies!
"Daisuke, teki"(enemies) "wo yattsukero"(dominate, defeat ).

"Win - Daisuke"
"Kate, Kate,"(win, victory) "Daisuke"

"Go Daisuke!"
"Daisuke, ike" (go ahead)
Cosgriff Channels Powers, Pens Epistle

Eerily reminscent letter reminds us of old times

Back in the "good" old days when no living person could recall a Red Sox world championship, the winter of our discontent was anually made glorious summer by the arrival in our mailboxes of BLOHARD founder Jim Powers' letter announcing the advent of baseball season and the date of the first BLOHARD lunch. What with Jim's recent departure from this mortal coil, the task of penning that letter has fallen to BLOHARD VP for Player Personnel/Space Travel Joe Cosgriff. Well, Joe's evidently had the ouiji board working overtime or something, because this year's letter is uncanny.

Read it here.

Incidentally, a sampling of Jim's letters can be found here, here, and here.

BLOHARDS To Get Nooked at Thom's?

The half-dozen of so BLOHARDS on hand enjoyed prime seating for Professor Thom's birthday party/movie screening for Bill Lee back in mid-December. Since then, we've been given to understand that there's talk of setting that particular hallowed nook aside for whatever BLOHARDS happen by on future occasions. To this end, we donated a before and after Damon t-shirt to festoon the wall of said nook. Dunno whether it's come together or not though. More on this as it develops.

FWIW, the Professor Thom's website has a neat countdown-to-opening-day clock.
Fens-bound, "Bus" to Depart Westport 4/10

Also for the forty-somethingth consecutive year, April 10 will witness the departure from Westport CT of the famed opening-day bus which is, in actuality, a matched pair of buses. Teeming with optimism, lukewarm beer and BLOHARDs of all shapes, sizes and genders, the bus will speedily convey its passengers to Fenway for the Sox home-opener. Needless to say, tickets for this year's voyage are long gone. If you're interested in next year's trip, send an email to Ray Duffy on New Year's day 2008. Earlier emails will be disregarded and subsequent ones will be considered in the order received.

More on the bus here.

Ernie Blastos, R.I.P.

Brother Francis Murphy conveys the sad news that long-time BLOHARD Ernest K. Blastos Jr. died shortly after the new year in New Haven. Mr. Blastos was a paper industry executive and renaissance man whose interests included art history, environmental issues and world religions. A contemporary and friend of BLOHARD founder Jim Powers, the two could often be found dining together at Westport's Mario's Restaurant, or enjoying a convivial beverage at O'Casey's on 41st street in Manhattan. In his obituary, Mr. Blastos' family asked that he be remembered as "a devoted husband, father and grandfather; BLOHARDS member; intrepid world traveler; dedicated dog walker and sun-worshipper extraordinaire."

We will miss him.

Dues Due!
Twenty bucks for the season, $150 for the rest of your life. Dues are essential for keeping this whole barrel of monkeys fed, and you wouldn't want a bunch of starving monkeys on your conscience, would you? So pony up. Details here.

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