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October 20, 2009 - 12:46 pm

October 2009

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Maybe the ALDS didn't go that great, but...

We'll Always Have Lunch
Slide Show Hits the Spot

Unofficial Tally: 11 guffaws,
16 belly laughs,
7 derisive snorts.

September 25's lunch at the Yale Club was witness to a top-drawer Ray Duffy-narrated Henry Berry Memorial Slide Show. Herewith, a couple of choice morsels. We highly recommend attendance at our next lunch May 17th (never too soon to purchase tickets on the website) in order not to miss a single bon mot from the spring 2010 effort.

On Nick Green's emergency two inning pitching stint:
"Green ran into trouble right away, forced to squeeze past one of Boston's Largest. As I heard someone yell at Umpire Joe West this year at Fenway: ' One man to a pair of pants'".
Green was quoted after the game as saying it was lonely on the mound. But could it have been lonelier than a Jose Canseco book signing?

On an abortive attempt by A-Rod to field a foul pop:
"Giving up early on catching the batted ball, A-Rod violates about eight paragraphs of the Yankees employment practices manual on one play!
If you don't think so, check out the reaction of the woman in the Nike hat!"

Finally, on David Wright's post-concussion headware:
Wright "wore an enlarged helmet for only one game before being hit with a cease-and-desist order from Hanna Barbera."

Randall Hits It Out of the Park

Terse, funny, apolitical bit breaks precedent, stuns crowd.
Talking Baseball's Ed Randall closed the lunch with a brief and humorous talk which touched upon his work in the battle against prostate cancer and on the difficulties of being a talk radio host. Faced a particularly daunting array of competing programming for an upcoming show, Ed pleaded for lunch attendees to phone in: "When we say all lines are open, we mean all lines are open."

The Best Line...
not used at lunch came from BLOHARD VP - Hospitality Joe Cosgriff. Referring to the Sox' slow working Nipponese righty, Joe said: "I went to five of Dice-K's games last year and I'm still not back from two of them."
Reddick Sucks It Up

Future Star Perseveres Against Tragedy, Fatigue to Make Bigs, Lunch
Notwithstanding a brutal 5 a.m. arrival from the coast, Red Sox star-in-waiting Josh Reddick made the effort Reddick and O'Brien
to join us at lunch and, based on his poise and grace, appeared none the worse for wear. Interviewed by Dave O'Brien, Reddick described his meteoric rise through the Sox minor league system and his first days in the major leagues. Perseverance was a recurring theme - with Josh's father having suffered a harrowing on-the-job injury, his mother jumped in as backyard BP pitcher. Eventually, his father too made his way back to the mound despite devastating injuries. Reddick also described hitting his first career home run against Baltimore shortly after having suffered a spontaneous bloody nose. A nice man and a potentially great Red Sock, Josh is welcome any time and any place that BLOHARDS gather.

Quinn Trivializes
To use an old phrase, the BLOHARDS were tossing prizes around like manhole covers during the John Quinn-emceed trivia portion of the festivities. This correspondent won a $25 gift certificate to Professor Thoms' for "knowing" (i.e. guessing) that Tony Armas had set the record for lowest batting average in a 100 RBI season. Similar recompense was available for the knowledge that Mark Kotsay has the highest batting average against the Sox by any active player with at least 100 AB, or that Bobby Ojeda took a no-hitter into the ninth inning against the Evil Ones in 1981.

With the benefit of hindsight, it is possible to question the advisability of giving to people who have evidently already spent way too much time watching the Sox, gift certificates which encourage them to further pursue that activitiy while also promoting the consumption of alcohol.

Oh, well.

We'd be remiss...
if we neglected to mention that a few items of BLOHARD(TM) brand apparel are still available, and we hate being remiss. Ask about our 5% discount on orders of 144 pieces or more.

In other news...
Our official troubador, John Pizzarelli has opened his month-long set with wife Jessica Molaskey at the Carlyle to raptourous reviews. Use the code "TK" when making reservations for Tuesday-Thursday night shows for $10 off the cover charge... Next year's lunches are set for May 17 and September 24. Date for January hot stove event to follow... Look for "BLOHARDS" on Facebook, or "BLOHARDS8" on Twitter and be amazed by the ensuing magic.
"A-Rod At the Bat" Debuted

Cosgriff Seen Early 2010 Nobel Literature Front Runner

Our Jolting Joe
Lunch witnessed the first public reading of BLOHARD VP - Quality Control Joe Cosgriff's opus magnus "A-Rod at the Bat". Narrated by Joe and featuring -somewhat disconcertingly- cabaret singer and former star of Forbidden Broadway Christine Peddi channeling a variety of Hollywood celebrities, the poem told of A-Rod's climactic at bat in an imagined divisional series between the Yankees and the Tigers. As prophecy it was lacking. As art it was nonpareil.

Read it in its entirety here.

BOSOX Club Honchos Pitch for Ted
Our old pal and BOSOX Club past-President, Bruce Donohue, and his colleague, Paul Boghisian, spoke briefly about their campaign to secure a Ted Williams postage stamp, a long-time effort which appears to be gaining traction. You can learn more about the club and the Williams stamp effort here and here respectively.

Powers Legacy Lives On...
Julie Powers Killian spoke about her father's long-time involvement with a soup kitchen in Norwalk and her own work at a similar organization in the Bronx which is known as "Part of the Solution" or "POTS". Julie is about two-thirds of the way through the task of raising $100,000 to finance the "James B. Powers Memorial Kitchen" in a newly purchased POTS facility on Webster Avenue, and she solicited support for this very worthy cause from the assembled BLOHARDS.

You can get more information on POTS here, or by emailing Julie. Contributions can be mailed to her attention at 42 Forest Ave., Rye, NY 10580.


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