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March 1, 2009 - 1:51 pm

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And Away We Go...
Lunch Set for May 5

ARod seen likely topic of discussion

Security Concerns Spur Venue Shift
The BLOHARDS are pleased to announce the the season's first lunch and plenary session will occur Tuesday, May 5th. As detailed in the formal invitation, the traditional 30-minute long cocktail hour will kick off promptly at 11:30 and will end with the serving of lunch at 12:15. In addition to food, a dazzling program of entertainment to include WFAN's Ed Randall, jazz guy John Pizzarelli, a Sox player TBD, NESN camera people, trivia-meister John Quinn and Ray Duffy's slide show will be offered.

In a move prompted by unspecified "risk factors", the gathering will be held at the Columbia Club* of New York City which is conveniently located at 15 W. 43rd St. The BLOHARDS have historically assembled at midtown's Yale Club and one imagines that any would-be disrupters will be chagrined indeed to find themselves not amidst a gathering of BLOHARDS, but rather a convocation of professionals from the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts ("NAREIT") which we have cleverly arranged to have rent the Yale Club in our stead. Mum's the word!

The room doesn't hold but 300, so you'll want to get your tickets now.

*Also known, generally by those possessing a more, shall we say... vocational education, as the Princeton Club.

From The Archives...
We've recently come into a couple of pictures of late BLOHARD co-founder Henry Berry, including one kindly sent to us by a gentleman who found it at a flea market in Houston, Texas. We're hopefully going to get some more material on Henry shortly, so stay tuned. All the pictures are here.

El Tiante To Be Even More Immortal
The Tribeca Film Festival has announced that it will be showing a documentary on Luis Tiant - produced by the Farrelly Brothers.  Titled THE LOST SON OF HAVANA, the film follows Tiant's first journey back to his homeland of Cuba in 46 years and explores his guilt for leaving his impoverished country to pursue his baseball dreams.  Screening as part of the Tribeca/ESPN Sports Film Festival, the film was written and directed by Jonathan Hock, who did the Michael Jordan documentary. 

According the TFF website, the official screening dates for THE LOST SON OF HAVANA have yet to be determined.  We are hearing April 23rd or thereabouts

For more information on screening dates and times go to
43rd* Opening Day Trip Set

The only suspense regarding April 6th's BLOHARD bus-borne pilgrimage to the Fens is (i) which of Boston's host of Cy-worthy starting pitchers will be credited with the win; and (ii) whether the percentage lost to hypothermia will be greater or less than on the Titanic. While at this writing the forecast calls for showers and temperatures in the 40's, it should be remembered that with seven days left until the first pitch there's still plenty of time for things to deterioriate.

More on the bus here.

* More or less. Don't hold us to it.

Out of the Mists of Time...

Back in the day, the Opening Day bus trip was enlivened by irreverent multiple-choice quizzes prepared by long-time BLOHARD Bob Mills. Examples of his handicraft from 1989 and 1993 are here and here respectively. Anyhoo, Bob has been prevailed upon to prepare another effort for this year's trip, which should enliven things. Evidently he's got some free time on his hands, having recently completed his book Baseball~~Then and Now which includes an entire chapter on the BLOHARDS.

Vicente Romo's Inside Pitch
Is that the Pulitzer Committee I hear knocking?

Buenos Dias amigos! Your ole buddy Vicente Romo is back with the more of the hard-hitting journalism you've come to expect from "El Huevo".

Looie, Nomah, Pizzarelli, ARod... you'll find it all at Blogging BLOHARDS.

Our (Virtual) Interview With Brian
If you can believe it, we've had a little trouble getting a bona fide interview with Yanks "boy genius" GM Brian Cashman, so we took a few verbatim Cashman quotes and paired them with a wish-list of BLOHARDS' questions. The ensuing hilarity is provided for your reading pleasure here.
Dues Due

Plunging Markets, Legal Costs Batter BLOHARDS;

TARP Application Pending
(New York, April 1) With its endowment battered by an "overweight" allocation to subprime mortgage originators, and its finances further drained by the costs of complying with a blizzard of subpeonas issued by, among others, the New York State Attorney General (relating, evidently, to some misunderstanding concerning executive bonuses), the BLOHARDS today issued an urgent call to all members to pony up their scandalously unpaid dues.

With a significant number of BLOHARDs having secured lifetime memberships in recent years, the desperate club announced the introduction of "after-lifetime" memberships which are unconditionally guaranteed to cover their purchaser in the next world. The organization is also rumored to be mulling conversion to bank holding company status which would render it eligible for participation in the
(See "Catastrophe Looms", p. 6)

Information on dues here.

Merchandise Languishes, Depreciates
Notwithstanding the fact that last year's Yankee debacle rendered the official BLOHARDS incendiary t-shirts more trenchant than ever, they're selling pretty much like Hummers. Equally perplexing, in light of the near-certain arrival of summer with its attendant glaring sun, is the rampant unpopularity of the brim-equipped BLOHARDS baseball cap. And with respect to the jersey, let's just say that it seemed a better idea after a couple of gin and tonics than it does today.

So, the point is, we've got a lot of crap to move and we'd really appreciate it if you'd buy some of it. Like to the point where we'd consider inviting you to our birthday party if you can help us out. And we're pretty sure we're going to get to go to Great Adventure this year, so think about it, willya?

Hats. Very, very desirable hats.


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