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12:00 pm


May 31 luncheon


Yale Club
Address: 50 Vanderbilt Ave


May 31 - 12:00 pm


 The first BLOHARDS’ luncheon of the year will be held at the Yale Club on May 31st, and a wing-dinger it will be.
We have recruited a lineup (subject to change) that will be the envy of fan clubs of everywhere. Radio voice Dave O’Brien, closer emeritus Dr. Charles Steinberg, WFAN’s Ed Randall (free prostate exams upon request), BLOHARDS’ official crooner and recent author John Pizzarelli (with new lyrics to “My Hip” for A-Rod), Ray Duffy with the Henry Berry slideshow, John Quinn (loaned to us by The Mad Hatter) with trivia, and Governor Chris Wertz, attending his first luncheon since turning 40 at the Bleacher Bar. And finally, as always…a player to be named later.

Insider insights, professional music, a head-first slideshow, lame attempts at humor…and a cash bar. And this just in – tickets are going fast!

Tickets may be purchased RIGHT HERE or by contacting Julie Powers Kilian at 914 548 3588 or


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